Here’s The Official Look At Ghost-busting Transformers Optimus Prime

You heard it is coming and you have seen the “leaked” images, now here’s the official look of the latest Transformers and Ghostbusters mash up, Hasbro MP-10G Optimus Prime Ecto-35 Edition. The set, as we have reported previously, is the good’ol Prime, but now sporting a more subtle colorways and in Ghostbusters livery – complete […]

First Look Of The Transformers x Ghostbusters Optimus Prime Toy

Here’s the first look of the Takara Tomy Transformers MP-1GB Optimus Prime Ecto-35 Edition that is supposed to be only reveal at the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) in July. Takara Tomy Transformers MP-1GB Optimus Prime Ecto-35 Edition is essentially the Masterpiece Optimus Prime in Ghostbusters colors with a little bit extra. It being Ghostbusters colors, […]

Transformers Masterpiece Megatron Beast Wars: You Know You Want One

I have watched Transformers Beast Wars in my younger days, but I have never thought Megatron Beast Wars could look this dope as a collectible action figure. Never. Ever. That’s until I saw this: Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MP-43 Megatron Beast Wars. This super dope collectible from the Japanese’s version of Beast Wars was officially […]

G-Shock x Transformers Comes With A Transformable Optimus Watch Holder

Transformers are, according to, a species of sentient, living robotic beings. In other words, they are are living things, just like you and me. This brings us to this question: as sentient beings, do they do ever need to read time, or does the onboard computer already have that taken care of? I guess […]

KiiPix Smartphone Picture Printer Is Essentially A Pinhole Camera

Clearly targeted at teens who are obsessed with printing photos, the KiiPix Smartphone Picture Printer from Japanese toy maker Takara Tomy is a mobile photo printer that does away with electronics. KiiPix Smartphone Picture Printer borrows the principle from pinhole camera to enable it to print without electronics. The idea is quite simple. You place […]

Tomica Darth Vader Semi Is The Father Of All Star Cars Because Why Not?

Star Wars has absolutely no relation to automotive, but that didn’t stop companies from trying to associate with one of the century’s greatest sci-fi movie franchise. Automakers have already churned out Star Wars-themed Dodge vehicles, a Fiat 500E, and even an over-the-top C5 Corvette-based Darth Vader Car, and so it is not a surprised to […]

The Force of Cuteness is Strong in These Miniature Star Wars Plush Toys

Apart from a handful of droids and maybe the Ewoks, there’s nothing cute about Star Wars characters. Is Jabba the Hutt, cute? We hardly think so. And would you consider Darth Vader and his cronies of Stormtroopers adorable? Nope. Never. They are cool, but never cute. Despite that, it didn’t stop Japanese toy maker, Takara […]

Takara Tomy Celebrates Evangelion and Japanese Swords with Sword-wielding Asuka Langley Doll

Evangelion and Japanese Swords Exhibition has been going for a couple of years now. The exhibition is a collaboration between Japan’s up-and-coming contemporary swordsmiths (yes, they still exist) and Rebuild of Evangelion series. Fans of the now-cult apocalyptic anime and swords enthusiasts alike who resides or visits Japan can get to witness Evangelion-inspired swords created […]

The World’s First Maglev Train Toy Set Runs Up to an Equivalent of 500 Km/h

The Takara Tomy “Linear Liner” you see here is not your typical model trains. It is modelled after the new Maglev Shinkansen, aka the bullet train, that is currently under testing by Central Japan Railway (JR Central). The real train has in recent months broke its own 12-year-old speed record of 590 km/h, achieving over […]

Latte Foam Art Made Easy with Takara Tomy’s Awata Ticino

For aspiring barista who desire to create latte art that pops, Takara Tommy Art has just the right tool for you: the Awata Ticino 3D Latte Art Maker. 3D latter art is a big rage today, but pick up this intricate skills require quite a fair bit of training and the Awata Ticino 3D Latte […]