The House Of Marley’s Second TWS Earbuds Has ANC, But Not For Stem Haters

If you are in market for a TWS earbuds and not a hater of the stem design, and also want to feel less guilty about purchase, eco-speaking, then The House of Marley Redemption ANC Earbuds should right up your alley.

The House Of Marley Exodus Headphones Now Gets Active Noise Cancellation

As long as we keep buying electronics products, or any product for that matter, it is never eco-friendly. Harsh fact. However, you can alleviate that a little without sacrificing your personal music enjoyment with the new Exodus ANC Headphones from The House of Marley.

House Of Marley’s First True Wireless Earbuds Is Made Of Truly Sustainable Materials

House of Marley is kind of late in the game, but here it is anyways, the brand’s first true wireless earbuds, called Liberate Air. Liberate Air has quite something to shout about. For starter, it boasts a longer-than-average onboard battery life of 9 hours and a total of 32 hours of on-the-go listening when use …

Chant Portable Audio System

with Bluetooth-enabled speakers rolling into the market like a huge tidal wave, it is refreshing to see one that doesn’t sport this current hot favorite wireless technology. we are not being sarcastic here but it is a known fact that the minority always gets more attention then the masses. the Chant Portable Audio System serves up by The House of Marley is one such example. it had our…

The House of Marley Get Up Stand Up

never mind the fact that the good old Apple 30-pin might be history in a matter of less than a day because as some believed, if a smaller dock connector is presented, an adapter will follow suit thus allowing the rest of the world to continue using products that are designed for the ‘old’ 30-pin connector. speaking of which, if you are confident that the adapter…