LG HOM-BOT Turbo+ Robot Vacuum Lets You Use Your Smartphone’s Camera To Tell It Where To Clean

The thing about robot vacuum is, it is not as smart as you think. So, before it gets its long overdue AI to take over your domestic helper, you will need to give it a helping hand, such as pointing out to it where are the places you want it to pay more attention to. […]

Thinking Cleaner Wants Turn Your Roomba into One That’s Connected

Having a robotic vacuum cleaner like the Roomba is like unleashing a robotic servant without supervision. The only consolation is, it won’t stage a revolt, but that also means it is pretty unintelligent. However, that is set to change if Netherlands-based outfit Thinking Bits have their way. Their invention, called Thinking Cleaner, aims to add […]

Dyson’s First Robot Vacuum Cleaner Has 360-Degree Vision For Navigation

some must be thinking: with so many electronics giants making robot vacuum cleaner, why hasn’t big name like Dyson jump on the bandwagon yet? well. you see Dyson is the like the Apple of home appliance world. they take painstaking effort to make sure they get it right, or at least ‘right’ in the eyes […]

Samsung VU7000 Motion Sync Upright Vacuum

we often view upright vacuum cleaner as a design of the bygone era. these days, we have more furniture around the house which makes hose-type or robot vacuum cleaner a logical choice, but Samsung’s new VU7000 Motion Sync Upright Vacuum wants to break that notion by offering a two-in-one upright. it is an upright that you may have…

LG Smart HOM-BOT Square Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

while the Jetsons family futuristic lifestyle is still far from becoming a reality, we think LG Smart HOM-BOT Square Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is one-step closer to that reality. yes. we realized that the product name is a mouthful, but it is for good reasons. this latest iteration of the robotic vacuum is strutting its stuff at the IFA 2013 and as its name suggests,

Samsung Smart Tango Corner Cleaner Robotic Vacuum

the recently wrapped up 2013 International CES is not just about gizmos and gadgets, it is also the stage for advanced home appliances such as the Samsung Smart Tango Corner Cleaner Robotic Vacuum. like all robotic vacuum cleaners, the Smart Tango still maintains the ‘traditional’ circular design but adds…

WORX WG502 Trivac

we don’t know about the rest of the dudes but for us, there is something really attractive about home improvement equipment. that said, a three-in-one garden maintenance equipment like the WORX WG502 Trivac, naturally had our attention. this unassuming device with its typical work tool colorway of orange and black offers user an electric blower, a lawn…

GoVacuum GV62711 Gold Plated Vacuum Cleaner

usually, we just dump our vacuum cleaner into the storeroom after using but not for this particular machine – affectionately dubbed as the million dollar vacuum cleaner – from Northern Virginia-based GoVacuum. whether do the world need a million dollar vacuum is beyond…