Vie Belles Knife Sharpening System Makes Sharpening Cool Again

First, they want you to cut like pro with some pretty darn awesome kitchen knives and now, the folks over at Vie Belles Cutlery wants you to sharpen those knives (or any knife for that matter) with this professional knife sharpening system. This is not some futuristic, high-tech though; it is the good’ol metal-against-whetstone system. […]

Vie Belles Wants You To Cut Like A Pro With These Reserve Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives are just kitchen knives. However, if you believe a kitchen knife should look as good as it performs, then the Vie Belles Reserve Knife Series Kitchen Knives might be it. Forged from the finest materials, including Damascus steel, and boasting elegant rosewood handles and rounding up with a lustrous design that I’d be […]