Virgin Hyperloop Made First Passengers Test, Marks The Dawn Of A New Era In Mass Transportation System

Three years after investing in Hyperloop One, Virgin Hyperloop made history when it pulled off the first passengers test. It was a big deal because, for the uninitiated, the concept of Hyperloop is a train (called ‘pod’) moving through a sealed vacuum tube.

The Future Of Cargo Delivery Will Be Hyperloop-enabled

As companies are racing to realize Hyperloop, Virgin Hyperloop One has teamed up with DP World, a global expert in trade and supply chain logistics, to develop the next revolution in cargo transportation. By now, you may have already guessed, Virgin Hyperloop One and DP World are joining hands to take Hyperloop One technology to […]

Designworks And Virgin Hyperloop One Unveiled Dubai Hyperloop Capsule

If there is one place in this world to see high-tech, world-class transportation first hand, it would be the UAE. The Middle East kingdom is the first country to get autonomous flying transportation (and “flying” bike, if we may add) and now, it might very well become the first to realize the next modern marvel […]