Toyota And Joby Aviation Sets Sight On Urban Air Mobility With eVTOL Aircraft

The aerospace industry must be feeling the heat of competitions. In addition to “traditional” competitors, aerospace companies now have deal with automakers getting into the business of flying too. The latest to join the short range air superiority race is Japanese automaker, Toyota.

Hyundai S-A1 Electric VTOL Flying Taxi For Uber Elevate Unveiled

Its no secret that Uber has been eyeing the sky for future of personal transportation and what you see here is a baby step towards that vision. Folks, this is the Hyundai S-A1, a destined-for-ridesharing personal air vehicle (PAV).

This Odd-looking Aircraft Is A Drone Hybrid VTOL That Can Fly In 30+ Mph Winds

Is it a plane? Is it a helicopter? Is it a drone? Well, the Heliplane v.2 by Drone Volt, as its name implies, is is a plane, a helicopter and a drone. It is the company’s the latest drone hybrid VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) vehicle. For the benefit of the uninitiated, Drone Volt is […]

All-electric 300mi Range VTOL “Flying Car” Made Successful Maiden Flight

Ok. The Lilium Jet Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aircraft (VTOL) from Munich-based aviation company, Lilium Aviation, is not quite a flying car; rather, it is a full-fledged electric aircraft, or more specifically, an electric VTOL. Clearly, not the first (NASA was among the first, albeit in scaled form), but it is a baby step […]

Unusual VTOL, Cormorant, Is What Future Helicopters May Look Like

Just when we thought mankind has reached the apex of aircraft design with respect to vertical takeoff aircraft like the helicopter, Israel firm Tactical Robotics came around and introduce a whole new concept of VTOL, or vertical takeoff and landing, vehicle. Formerly known as AirMule (which is exactly what it is designed to do, btw), […]

Aurora Wins DARPA VTOL X-Plane Experimental Plane Challenge

If there’s one aviation development that fascinates the military, it would be the ability to take-off vertically like helicopters do and travel at speeds like conventional aircraft. While this has been done, it was never wildly efficient. So, how do you make it even more ‘efficient’? Well, this is the challenge set out by DARPA, […]

Krossblade Aerospace’s Skyprowler UAV is a Precursor to the Firm’s Future Personal VTOL Airplane

For the longest time in human history, mankind have been dreaming of flying cars. Even with today’s technology, flying cars are far from reality and one of the stumbling blocks is obviously landing and taking off. Up till today, flying car concepts all require runway or some sort of reasonably flat ground for taking off […]

MMC UAV Unveiled Hydrogen-powered Drone That Has A 15-Hour Flight Time

We all know that jet engine-powered UAVs, such as the Predator Drone, are more than capable of making in excess of a thousand kilometers (over 750 miles) range, but it is never the same for “clean energy powered” drones. Well, that’s until recently.

Porsche Is Getting Into The Business Of Making Aircraft With Boeing, Well, Kind Of

Before you go ga-ga over this, please let it be known that Porsche is NOT making flying cars. At least not yet. The German sports car maker merely has an agreement with America aircraft manufacturer, Boeing, to explore the premium urban air mobility market.

Amazon Revealed Transforming Prime Air Delivery Drone

Yes. Yes. We have all heard about unmanned delivery promised by Amazon, but until today, it has yet to materialize. The world’s largest online retailer hasn’t stop working on it though, both on the system and the hardware. Regarding the latter, the company has revealed its latest iteration that is vastly different, and dare we […]