Honda is no stranger to making things that fly. After setting its foot firmly in the private jet’s arena, the automobile company has revealed its plan for a “new mobility ecosystem”.

Honda Unveiled Concept eVTOL for new Mobility Ecosystem

This new mobility ecosystem includes another flying vehicle, but this time, it is a VTOL, or eVTOL, to be precise, designed for the intercity commute.

Honda envisioned two variants of the VTOL: a hybrid (electric + gas turbine) and a fully electric model. The former will afford up to 400 km (292 miles) range while the latter has just about 100 km (62 miles) range.

Honda Unveiled Concept eVTOL for new Mobility Ecosystem

The idea of going to hybrid is, well, to extend the cruising range. Like some automakers have proposed, Honda also envisioned that each city will have at least a VTOL port that is integrated into the terrestrial mobility that includes autonomous vehicle services.

The plan is still in its infancy. Right now, all we have is a concept of how it will operate. That said, details of this flying craft are not disclosed yet. Meanwhile, you may learn more in the video below.

Images: YouTube (本田技研工業株式会社 (Honda)).

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