Senza Bike Lock System: a bike locks integrated bike

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(credit: Jaryn Miller)

one of the hassle related to riding a bicycle is the need to lug along a bike lock or two. chances are, most of us will leave the lock on the bicycle when we go about pedaling which may look kind of unsightly. the Senza Bike Lock System designed by Jaryn Miller solved this issue by integrating the lock system for the bike into the bike itself. the handlebars form the first of the two lock system. it is designed as a three piece system, where the center piece remains in place on the bike while the two handles can be removed and lock together to form a lock.
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in the event if a thief managed to cut the handlebars-formed lock, the bike will be rendered unrideable without those handlebars. additional security is also provided by another integrated lock, this time the lock form part of seat post and is used to secure the rear tire. though, this part of the lock system is a little sketchy but nevertheless a nice idea. then again, i suspect this will remain as just another concept as it will probably be too costly to manufacture. i might be wrong, though.

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