Mermaid toys are not new, but this gotta be the first for the Barbie Signature line. The first Barbie Signature’s mermaid is, well, actually a merman. That’s right. Dear old Ken has picked up the trident (note: it does not actually come with a trident) and traded his legs for a fishtail.

The King Ocean Ken Merman Doll by Mattel

Anywho, The King Ocean Ken Merman Doll by Mattel is part of the Barbie Signature line and a product decided by fans’ votes.

This doll features the mighty Ken Merman dressed in a metallic shell-encrusted breastplate and spaulder shoulder armor.

Completing the look are polished armbands, head adornments, and a tail covered in rose gold scales before finishing with equally eye-catching iridescent fins.

It is not clear how many points of articulation this doll has, but Mattel said it will have enough articulation “for limitless posing opportunities.

There is no doubt The King Ocean Ken Merman Doll by Mattel is a collector’s worthy item. If you are a big fan of Barbie dolls, you may want to keep your eyes peeled on where it will drop on October 13, 2021, 9 AM Pacific Time, for US$100 a pop.

The King Ocean Ken Merman Doll by Mattel is a Barbie Signature Member Exclusive.

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Images: Mattel.

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