Mattel MOTU Camo Khan Action Figure

In 1987, a special variant of Kobra Khan from the Masters of the Universe was released in Argentina. Needless to say, it became a sought-after toy figure by MOTU collectors. 35 years later, Mattel has brought this rare figure back as an exclusive DTC figure. For those who aren’t familiar with this variant of cobra-head sly villain, here’s an official description to bring you up to speed:

“The story of Camo Khan makes him more than just a variant of Kobra Khan. Skeletor enchanted Kobra Khan with new powers of camouflage, a more potent form of his hypnotic mist, and the mystical Golden Claws of Crushing. But as snakes always do, he turned on Skeletor and seized his Havoc Staff.”

Mattel MOTU Camo Khan Action Figure

The figure stands 5.5 inches tall and boasts 16 points of articulation. It is supplied with interchangeable hands, heads, and of course, weapons. This 2022 version of Camo Khan further features an additional spray accessory that fits in his mouth, paying tribute to the original toy’s squirt-gun feature. To be clear, the spit spray is an effect part. This figure does actually squirt like the original.

The Mattel Masters of the Universe Camo Khan Action Figure will be available to buy for US$30 a pop starting on December 02, 2022, at 9 AM PT.

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All images courtesy of Mattel.