We came across a series of Stark Industries Iron Man Couture Wedding Dresses posted by a design blogger on Weibo. There is no back story, no credits. Based on the comments on the post and the tags, which include AI and Midjourney, I am going to assume these images were the handy work of Midjourney’s AI and that the person who posted it, Ramen Daybreak (@拉面daybreak) [CH] when asked if there is a series based on Gundam, he responded with “yet to be posted”.

Iron Man-inspired Couture Wedding Dress

Earlier today, China time, this content creator followed up on his Weibo page with a series of Mecha-inspired wedding dresses and groom’s suits. Not sure if that counts as a Gundam series. Prior to this, he also uploaded a set of Iron Man-inspired suits for the groom.

We know nothing about these creations. However, we have reached out to this blogger to see if we can learn more. If you know the backstory of these images, do drop us an email to let us know.

Images: Weibo (@拉面daybreak) [CH].

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