Whether you’re playing console shoot-em-ups or online poker, there are always ways to get more out of your game. Some people opt for high-end hardware upgrades for their device, while others might invest in top-notch headphones or a gaming chair for a more immersive experience.

However, there are easier and less expensive ways to level up your gameplay. All you need to do is break free from the confines of your current device. Here are some super-easy ways to do just that, with some examples of different types of games.

Play Live Casino on Smart TV

If you’re more of an online gambling fan, there are some tips and tricks you can do to take your experience to the next level, without spending a penny. If you play live-stream casino games, such as the roulette, blackjack, and poker options at the casino at Paddy Power, you could try connecting your casino to your smart TV.

With platforms like Paddy Power, you can even connect your smartphone to your TV to play truly immersive live casino games, where it feels like the croupier is right there in the room with you. This is especially worthwhile if you prefer to play your live-stream games in HD, which is difficult to fully appreciate when playing on a small mobile screen.

Control Your Phone

If you’re a dedicated mobile gamer, you can get the best out of each game without switching to another device or screen. Instead, you could attach a game controller, per IGN, to your smartphone. These fit easily around your device and give you full console controller functionality on any mobile game. This way, you can play fast-paced mobile games such as PUBG or League of Legends: Wild Rift, without having to fiddle with the clunky on-screen controller interface.

Project Your Game

If you’re more the kind of gamer who enjoys being fully immersed in stunning open worlds, where flawless graphics are a huge part of the appeal, why settle for TV gaming? Instead, you could try hooking up your Xbox or PlayStation to a projector, so that your in-game world takes up an entire wall and you feel like you’re really there.

If you’re worried that a projector will diminish the quality of the image, do not fear. These days, there are plenty of high-grade projectors, which PC Gamer has hailed as specifically designed with gamers in mind so that you can project your game without compromising on quality.

Jump Between Platforms

No matter what games you like to play, you should look into cross-platform play. These are game formats that you can play on multiple devices, seamlessly switching between those devices without interrupting a second of gameplay.

You can try platforms such as the Xbox Cloud Gaming Service or Apple Arcade, which allow you to jump between console, computer, mobile, and tablet when playing a huge range of games on the cloud. In addition, casino gaming fans can also play table games cross-platform when playing titles from selected developers such as NetEnt.

With these tech hacks, you can break free from the confines of your device and unleash the best gameplay possible, no matter what you play.

Featured image: Unsplash (Erik Mclean).

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