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advance Konapun cooking toys by Bandai

Konapun Cooking Toys by Bandai 544px
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when i saw the videos for this toy, i simply go ‘wow’. the kanopun cooking toys from Bandai uses water and ‘magic’ powder to cook up some serious miniature delicacy. it’s not edible though and the product will perish after a certain period of time. it has a whole range of meals ranging from Japanese to Italian food.

making up the magic powder is mainly Alginic acid and seaweed’s constituent. each food powder contains different additives to create the color and viscosity required to imitate the designated dish. to get cooking, you will need some miniature cooking sets or kitchen set up which, without doubt, are available from Bandai too. wow, again.

visit Bandai website.

for more info visit Girls Channel website. (in Japanese only)

midterm election mood with Barrack Obama Action Figure

Jailbreak Toys Barrack Obama Action Figure GOLD 544px(photo source:
how about getting into the mood of the coming US midterm election with this Inaugural Obama Action Figure – Limited Edition. the 6″ tall electroplated, gold-suited Inaugural Obama Action Figure has 6-points of articulations (unlike the standard edition, which has 8-points of articulations) is limited to 3,000 pieces and each piece is serialized. Continue reading midterm election mood with Barrack Obama Action Figure

drive yourself up the wall with TRON Zero G Light Cycle

TRON Zero G Light Cycle 544px(photo source:
can’t enough of TRON? how about owning one of those Tron Legacy Zero G Light Cycle? i’m not kidding you. really. you can own of those for just £34.99 (approximately US$55) . yeah, you heard it right. but wait, it’s a toy, actually. never mind.

this toy is based on the movie TRON Legacy. you know that movie that probably will dazzle your vision with their neon lights? TRON Legacy Zero G Light Cycle is capable performing anti-gravitational maneuver by zipping up on your walls and across the ceilings. all thanks to it’s advanced vacuum technology which make the toy sucks – literally. don’t you just love movie-ups?

the cycle is remotely controlled via an infra-red transmitter, which is also it’s charging station. cool. neon bodysuit and helmet are optional.

visit FIREBOX.

Lego 3D printer that builds… Lego out of Lego pieces

MakerLegoBot 3D Lego printer
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don’t let SkyNET get a wind about this. this mean Lego Mindstorms NXT machine can churn out Lego models. yes, you heard it right, earthlings. throw in some A.I. (artificial intelligence), this machine could be replicating itself and an army of Lego minions. well, fear not. we are safe for now cos’ this machine currently builds simple Lego models only. *phew*

Will Gorman, a member of the BattleBricks, build this out of 3 Lego Mindstorms NXT Bricks, along with 9 NXT motors and 2400 lego bricks. this Lego Mindstorms NXT 3D Lego Printer is being showcased in the LegoWorld Expo (October 22nd to October 26th, 2010) in Zwolle, The Netherlands. Will cited his inspiration from MakerBot and RepRap. personally, i have read both websites and i am inspired to create one myself too. exploration (tech, not nature) is certainly exciting.

the MakerLegoBot receive its printing instructions from MLCad Lego file via a Java Application on a PC, determines the print instructions and sends the instructions to the MakerLegoBot for printing via USB. the MakerLegoBot works with 1×2, 2×2, 3×2, 4×2, and 8×2 Lego bricks and there’s a feed system in place which can hold approximately 35 bricks of each type. all i can say is ‘wow’.

you can buy one now but you can build one yourself with the detailed instructions HERE.

visit BattleBricks website.
check out Will’s Lego Mindstorms NXT 3D Lego Printer webpage.

get ready for some snow fun with Snow Shredder

Snow Shredder 544px(photo source:

i got to give this a big star for it’s design. the design of the Snow Shredder is really cool and resembles a Snow Ski, but this works only on a slope. get ready to rock the slope this coming winter and slide in style. want to shred the snow slope at night? not to worry, the Snow Shredder comes with a working headlight with an easy on/off button to make sure fun is not missed at night. obviously, the designer of this Snow Shredder knows you want to be in control, so it comes with a steerable wheel with adjustable heights up front for control your slide down slope. this should make control freaks happy. looks like adjustable steering is not just for automobile. the Snow Shredder fits 2 kids, aged 6 and up and as an added security, the kid behind gets to hold on to the handles if the ride becomes to rough. finally, a retractable hand up front enables easy towing of your slide up the slope for your next slide down slope. i love to have one of this but unfortunately, there’s no snow in this part of the world.

check it out @ Quirky website.

A.R.Drone: iPhone-controlled RC flyer

Parrot A.R.Drone RC Flyer 544px(photo source:

i want one of this! ok, i know there are a lot of things that i want but you can’t blame me, these babies are simply too irresistible! the guys who brought you ZIKMU Parrot wireless speakers designed by Philippe Starck, now brings you the Parrot AR.Drone, a WIFI iPhone-controlled RC flyer. on the first glance, the AR.Drone looks like something that came out of the US Army Air Force Recon Base. the AR.Drone is by no means child’s play. in case you are not quite a RC flyer like myself, the AR.Drone is packed with technology advancement which allows it to fly itself. don’t believe? Continue reading A.R.Drone: iPhone-controlled RC flyer

BRENT WALLER’s custom LEGO batmobile ‘tumbler’ – completed!

Brent Waller Custom LEGO Tumbler main 544x272px

finally, the most important package arrived on the 16th. jump straight into assembly of the tumbler but doh! some parts are missing. check through BRENT’s list and realised the summary parts list has got some discrepancies. its ok. on the 17th went straight to SIMPLY TOYS @ Suntec City Mall and grabbed the missing parts. lucky for me, what i needed is all there *phew* all for a tiny sum of SGD5.90.

Continue reading BRENT WALLER’s custom LEGO batmobile ‘tumbler’ – completed!