Here It Is. Our Bold, Spanking New Christmas Gift Guide 2016 Edition!

It is the time of the year again. A time of gifting (yay!) which means, it is also a time that many Earthlings are scratching their head over what to buy for their love ones. If you happen to be one of those Earthlings, well, fear not cos’ what-to-buy gift superhero Capitan MikeShouts is here […]

Have You Check Out Our Christmas Gift Guide For 2015?

Time flies and before we know it, the holiday season is upon us again. This year, we put our heart and soul into creating the ultimate Christmas Gift Guide – the boldest in terms of list and layout – so that you need not stress over what to buy for your love ones if you […]

Wishing Everyone A Very Happy 2015! (With Some Words From The Editor)

We can’t believe yet another year has past us. It was like yesterday when we counted down to 2014. This blog has seen a few christmases and New Years, and we hope we will continue to see more of them, but as always, it (the blog) can only do so with your support and we […]

Merry Christmas From MIKESHOUTS

time has yet again flew past us in a blink of an eye and the time of the year is upon us again – yes, it is Christmas day, which also means 2013 is drawing to a close and a new year is around the corner, and we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a uber Merry Christmas and a Happy 2014!

Wishing everyone a Very Happy New Year!

time have no mercy on us and in flick of a moment, this blog has been through two christmases and on to the next new year. ranting aside, we are generally pretty satisfied as far as tech and lifestyle goes for this year and we are eagerly looking forward to next year’s events. a couple of changes are in the works and we should be able to launch them early next year…

GIVEAWAY: ZAGG Invisible Shield for iPad and iPhone 4/4S [CLOSED]

we can tolerate scratches anywhere on our iPad or iPhone except for one very sacred place: the beautiful Retina display. yeah, we know Gorilla Glass is awesome in offering more than reasonable protection against scratches on these devices but for the extra cautious bunch, they opt to use screen protectors for that…

winners of theKube2 touch interface MP3 players Giveaway

well, here’s the result to our theKube2 touch interface MP3 player giveaway. we didn’t have to draw lots as the result pretty much speaks for itself and so, we want to congratulate Claire…