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Sucker Stand for iPhone and iPod GIVEAWAY

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(credit: mikeShouts)

finally, we are going ahead with our giveaways. kicking off tech@mikeShouts giveaway is a bunch of Sucker Stand (yes, that’s what it is called according to its packaging). no, you are not going to get all six of them but instead six lucky person will get a chance to own one of these. as for color, it will be purely random. i am not going to lie to you, it is not an expensive product to give but hey, it is a start and its free. so what’s not to like? as we are closing in to our 2,000 posting, this will be the first of the many giveaways to come. so how do you get this? simply make a comment (no spam, please) on this post and wait it out. we will pick six winners this Friday (September 9*). sound simple enough? i bet it is. we will be waiting to hear from you folks out there. cheers!

*we will decide on the winner on the September 9, from around 9AM which is SGT September 9, 9PM. we thought we should clarify this to avoid any confusion. winner(s) will be announced on Saturday (September 10).

blog news: temporary no-post for a couple of days

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we going to have a ‘no-post’ for a couple of days due to some administrative effort on the backend. sadly, you won’t be seeing any physical changes to the blog after these two days, though. however we promise to do a facelift once we have reached a ‘reasonable’ traffic level. on a side note, we are glad to receive more than 100,000 hits over the last three weeks. we will be making use of the next two days to gather up more useful, fun and ‘life-style centric’ articles for everyone out there. we believe there are like minded people like us who believe in gadget-tech-lifestyle fusion and we don’t need to go all technical or dwell into emerging trend – we just want share the wonder of life with of gadgets, technologies and lifestyle. so just hang in there. we will be back posting in no time. cheers! – ed.

what’s new? upcoming stuff and improvements

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busy. busy. busy. busy getting new (and not so new) and cool stuff for readers. this week, it’s all about lifestyle. keep checking back and read about what’s cool and beautiful – all happening this week. plus, a tiny improvement to the future postings here – kind of a value-added ‘service’ for reading from tech.get. you may notice in future post, there will be some word or words in red. just go ahead and mouse over the word for a moment and a small ‘pop-up’ will appear with some simple meaning or explanation. check out the figure below for example.

cool? hope to see back here soon!

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