Custom Porsche “Baja 911” by Russell Built

What are the odds of a Porsche enthusiast wanting to take his/her lovely Porsche onto a desert trail? I’d say the odds are pretty damn low, but if you are one who did dreamed of pulling off a Baja in a Porsche 911, well then, custom Porsche “Baja 911” by Russell Built is exactly what you need.

From the ex-Singer fabricator TJ Russell, this custom Porsche “Baja 911” kit that will turn your otherwise tarmac-only Porsche into a desert trail beast.

Custom Porsche “Baja 911” by Russell Built

It has a list of goodies that will make sure a 911 that will dominate the desert plains, starting with a beefy Rothsport Racing-tuned 3.8L flat-six motor with new internals like custom throttle bodies, intake manifold and a Motec ECU, that puts out 365 horses and 310 lb-ft (about 420 Nm) of torque.

For the uninitiated, the original flat-six was a 3.6L motor with 247 ponies and 228 lb-ft of torque. As for the drive, customers will get to choose between rear wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

In addition, the wheelbase is extended by 3 inches and the track, 14 inches. Other upgrades include custom shock towers, upper A-arms, and spindles – all using the factory mount points.

Suspension travel also gets a bump to 13.5 inches and the finally, it gets a body that is hand-formed from composite panels. The result is a Safari-worthy ride that is over 400 lbs lighter over the full-luxe spec’s 2,800 lbs.

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What we listed is just scratching the surface. The truth is, it has a bunch of other drool-worthy upgrades, but we shall leave it to you to discover them all. And yes, custom Porsche “Baja 911” is something money can buy, but how much, it is up to you to discuss with Russell Built.

Meanwhile, you may want to follow TJ Russell on Instagram (HERE and HERE) for updates. Or if you prefer, you can jump straight to Russell Built’s website to learn more about this irresistible desert beast.

Images: Russell Built.

Source: Russell Built via Uncrate.