Dream Machine AI Video Creator by Luma Labs

So you think OpenAI’s Sora is impressive? Well, wait till you hear about Dream Machine by Luma Labs. Sure, Dream Machine is also an AI video generator but it is an entirely different ball game. Where Sora creates videos based on descriptive texts, Luma Labs’ capabilities go beyond text prompts; it can turn memes into video memes.

In short, it turns one single image into a short video clip. In addition to the usual text description, you can upload an image and watch it come to life. The video (which we also converted to a gif for the feature image) you see here is the work of Dream Machine based on an image posted on befunky. Tell me it did not just blow your mind. It did for me.

The results are not perfect but it is still mind-blowing anyways. Dream Machine is not the first product from the San Francisco-based AI startup. It is the second product following a 3D model generator called Genie.

Dream Machine is free to use but where paid users can generate unlimited video clips, free users can generate 30 short video clips per month. It is worth noting that due to high demand, Luma Labs is temporarily limiting free tiers to 5 generations per day.

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It was launched recently and already received its first update. The new update allows users to extend the video clips generated from the prompts, allows the videos to be downloaded, and lets Pro users remove the watermark on the videos.

I am not sure if seeing memes coming to life is fun but I am sure that this tech isn’t designed with memes in mind; it just so happens that it can do that—or to any still images for that matter. You can learn more about Dream Machine and also give it a go at the Luma Labs website.

Featured image generated by Dream Machine based on image found on befunky.