Logitech Washable Keyboard

Logitech Washable Keyboard K310
Logitech Washable Keyboard | US$39.99 | www.logitech.com

according to a research done years ago, it is found that our keyboards have more bacteria then our liking and that’s all thanks to the all the yucky stuff that stuck on the keyboard, in-between and sometimes under the keys and also partly contributed by our (erhmm) unwashed hands. not us though, we always wash our hands – just thought we make our name squeaky clean first. anyway, with Logitech Washable Keyboard you can say goodbye to dirty keyboard cos’ you can now wash whatever spills, grimes and dirts off directly in up to 11″ of water. specific features include drainage holes for draining water out and for quicker drying, UV coated laser printed keys to stand up to the washing routine, and twelve hot keys for instant access to Internet, email, play, volume control and more. the keyboard comes complete with F-keys, a number pad and the keys are designed to take up to five million keystrokes. you can pre-order yours now for $39.99. more look and a product video after the break.

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