GoPro Unveiled Three New HERO7 Cameras, Has Voice Command Support

After much leaks that non-hardcore fans probably won’t care, GoPro has finally taken the wrap of the new HERO7 cameras and it has not one, not two, but three in the family. The range topper is, obviously, the GoPro HERO7 Black and the middle ranger would be the GoPro HERO7 Silver and the GoPro HERO7 […]

Evo GoCam: A Wireless Camera That Slips Onto The Back Of Your Phone

Selfie drone has kind of made selfie stick a thing of the past. We said ‘kind of’ because, firstly, not everyone can afford a selfie drone and secondly, not every place welcomes the presence of a drone. The solution? Back to the good’ol selfie stick, or tripod, or you could consider this: Evo GoCam. I […]

PITTA Is Modular, It Is An Action Cam, A Selfie Drone And Also A Security Cam

Have you ever thought about what if your action cam could fly? Wait. What am I talking about. Of course, it can, but that thing that fly and taking images is called action cam. So, it is not exactly the kind of action cam most people would have imagined. That said, what we are talking […]

Top New Gadgets For Content Creators

Everyone can be a content creator today. Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, it is easy to advertise your work and attract a large audience. The same can be said for video sharing platforms such as YouTube. The tools you use to produce great content should never impose limitation to your creative […]

Sony Brings The Imaging Prowess of RX Series To Action Camera

Clearly, when it comes to action cam, Sony didn’t think today’s offerings, possibly even it’s very own, do not have what it takes to cut it. We are talking about cinematic level kind of sporting actions here. Not just GoPro kind of footage. To this, the Japanese electronic maker has bring about imaging prowess of […]

GoPro Unveiled New HERO Action Cam Along With A 360, VR-Ready Action Cam

For seem like forever, the action cam market has remain rather quiet… until yesterday when GoPro took the wrap of two new devices: GoPro HERO6 BLACK and a brand new VR-ready, 5.2K spherical imaging device called Fusion. Continuing the HERO line’s tradition of oblong form factor, but this time only a tad sleek, thanks to […]

ONE Is A New Breed Of 360 Camera Lets You “Shoot First, Point Later”

Remember Lytro? The ‘shoot first, focus and refocus later’ camera? Well, Insta360, the company that specializes in 360 imaging devices, has up the ante. Granted, Insta360 ONE can’t actually let you focus and refocus later, however, the camera’s “FreeCapture” technology” does allow you to shoot a 360 footage and decide on which part of video […]

ParaLenz Is The First Action Camera Built From The Ground Up For Divers

Action cameras for land action are a dime a dozen, but when it comes to below the water surface, it is really far and few between. That is not say there aren’t any. There are, but most of them are not design from the ground up to deal with underwater conditions and the optics aren’t […]

Beoncam Is A Wrist Watch That’s Also A Removable 360-degree Camera

GoPro is a household name for action cam, but lets be honest, we all know it is designed with sports in mind and so, when it comes to everyday folks who do not do sports, it will be kind of silly to be wearing a GoPro on your head. Besides, a front-only field-of-view can hardly […]

More Stuff From Polaroid: Smartwatches, Smart TV And More

Rest assure that this blog and these few posts are not sponsored by Polaroid. I wish it was, so we could stop worrying about our finance. Anywho, there are few more products coming from this 80 year old company which serve to further cement that fact that it is here to stay after being revived. […]