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This Is Airbus’ Experimental Electric Aircraft, It Is The Future Of Aviation

While Tesla Motors is making headway in bringing electric vehicles to the masses, aircraft maker Airbus is also working towards the vision of eventually replacing fossil-based aviation fuel. Airbus E-Fan project started back in 2011 with the goal of developing more energy efficient aircraft in line with European Commission’s aim of minimizing aircraft CO emissions, as well as noise “to ensure the sustainable development of the aviation industry.” The first thing Airbus’ team looked at is the possibility of electric propulsion for aviation and that subsequently result in the development of the E-Fan 1.1 Experimental Aircraft as proof-of-concept. Continue reading This Is Airbus’ Experimental Electric Aircraft, It Is The Future Of Aviation

Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two VSS Unity Unveiled By Sir Richard Branson

Good news, future space travelers! Virgin Galactic’s new SpaceShip Two has been unveiled at the Mojave Air & Space Port in California. The vehicle is named Virgin Spaceship (VSS) Unity by physicist Stephen Hawking, via recorded speech, and said he “would be proud to fly on this spaceship.” Well, I am sure there’s spot for him. Though not sure if he will be a guest or paying traveler. The new spaceship, draped in a new silver and white livery, was guided into position by one of the company’s support Range Rovers provided by its exclusive automative partner, Land Rover. The unveiling of VSS Unity also marks another milestone for Virgin Galactic as it is the first aircraft manufactured by the company’s wholly owned manufacturing arm, The Spaceship Company. Continue reading Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two VSS Unity Unveiled By Sir Richard Branson

MVP Light Sport Aircraft is the MPV of the Sky, or Maybe the Lake Too

it may not be a car, but the MVP Light Sport Aircraft is kind of like the MPV (Multipurpose Vehicle) of the sky, well, maybe the lake too. heck, you could even call it a camper. the only difference is, where this camper goes, it needs no roads. seriously, we can’t see what’s not to love about this vehicle. imagine reaching far beyond what a traditional camper can, lazying your day at the bow or fishing for willing fishes to be your dinner on a secluded lake. yup. you heard us right. we made references to ‘bow’ and ‘fishing’, because that is what it has and will let you do. surely worthy of the name MVP, which by no accident stands for Most Versatile Plane. Continue reading MVP Light Sport Aircraft is the MPV of the Sky, or Maybe the Lake Too

Sikorsky S-97 Raider Coaxial Helicopter Officially Unveiled, Claims 253 MPH Top Speed

and here we are thinking that coaxial rotor helicopters are pretty much dead. well, at least ‘dead’ in real aircraft and wouldn’t even dream of it being developed for military operations. we couldn’t be more wrong cos’ Sikorsky, the pioneer in helicopter design and manufacturing founded by American Russian aviator Igor Sikorsky, has unveiled the first of two S-97 Raider armed reconnaissance rotorcraft featuring X2 technology designed for military operations. the S-97 Raider uses a rigid X2 rotor coaxial design and features next-generation technologies in a multi-mission configuration, boasting a flexible cabin space capable of accommodating six combat-equipped personnel or additional fuel and ammunitions for extend missions. additionally, the craft can also be loaded with an array of weapons and sensors as per mission requirements. Continue reading Sikorsky S-97 Raider Coaxial Helicopter Officially Unveiled, Claims 253 MPH Top Speed

This Is SpaceX Dragon V2. It Can Transport Humans And Promised Soft Landing

SpaceX Dragon has been doing a pretty good job in transporting cargo to the International Space Station, but still, Elon Musk’s SpaceX think it could do more and that ‘more’ is to transport humans, which is a task to be covered by the newly unveiled Dragon V2. it is designed transport up to seven astronauts to orbit and return to a gentle landing on solid ground, as oppose to diving into the ocean, with an accuracy comparable to an helicopter, and it can do so without the need for clunky parachutes. eight SuperDraco thrusters, each blasting out 16,000 lb-ft of thrust, along with retractile legs, enables it to realize this dream feat (last checked, you can only execute such a feat on Moon). it has a flexible interior configuration allowing it to trade passengers for cargo space and vice versa. according to Elon Musk, Dragon V2 is reusable and can be relaunched as soon as the tank is topped off. Continue reading This Is SpaceX Dragon V2. It Can Transport Humans And Promised Soft Landing

HondaJet First Production Aircraft Enters Final Assembly

richie rich and private jet operators looking to add a new private aircraft to their fleet will soon have a new option. at the recent European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) held at Geneva, Switzerland, Honda aerospace division, Honda Aircraft Company has announced that the first production HondaJet has entered its final assembly and should be available right after the type certification which is expected to be sometime in the first half of 2015. key features this new kid in the private jet block include a convention-breaking over-the-wing engine mount that is said to increase cabin and cargo space, a composite carbon fiber fuselage offering weight saving and increase interior spaciousness, and a smart design, together with natural laminar flow wing and nose, that improves fuel efficiency and is therefore, economic and environmentally-friendly. Continue reading HondaJet First Production Aircraft Enters Final Assembly

You Can Own This Joystick That Was Used to Land On The Moon

though forward-looking, we do appreciate tech from the past too, especially when it is off significant historic value, such as this Rotational Hand Controller from Apollo 15’s Lunar Module Falcon of the Apollo 15. no kidding. this is the real deal component which has been in Commander Dave Scott’s procession since. just exactly why astronauts have the privilege of stashing away awesome mementos like this is beyond us. anyway, this was exact the controller use to steer the Lunar Module to and from the Moon surface on the fourth U.S. manned mission to the Moon back in August 1971. manufactured by Honeywell, it was this joystick that enables then Commander Dave Scott to maneuver the LM back on track when the craft was found to off the intended landing spot by nearly 3,000 feet and to that end, it had served its purpose well and it is now ready to find a new home when it goes under the gavel starting on May 15-22, 2014. Continue reading You Can Own This Joystick That Was Used to Land On The Moon

Martin Jetpack Arriving in 2014 for 150 Grand

in what seems like an infinite phase of development and testing, James Bond-wannabes finally will have a glint of hope of seeing the Martin Jetpack taking to the sky next year. the latest prototype P12, seen here clad in a new striking paint job, features various tweaks including changing the position of the ducts for enhanced performance and maneuverability. despite its namesake, the Jetpack does not use aviation fuel and is instead powered by a 200 hp petrol engine and as you can see, it is not as tiny as a backpack like it was fantasied in the 1965 James Bond movie Thunderball – you know, for practicality sake cos’ it has to do more than just 20 seconds in the air and go a whole lot farther and higher. speaking of which, the Martin Jetpack has a fuel capacity of 45 liters which gives it about 30 kilometers range and the aircraft is capable of an altitude of 8,000 feet and fly up to a speed of 60 mph. Continue reading Martin Jetpack Arriving in 2014 for 150 Grand

ARKYD: A Space Telescope for Everyone – Last Call

most people dream of heading into space, but how many of us average joes can afford a 200+ grand tickets for a flight to the space few years down the road? almost none, i believe. lucky for us, there is an affordable alternative to show your family and friends your presence in space and that’s to take a space selfie without actually being into the space. how exactly are you going to do that? with ARKYD, a space telescope for everyone, of course. backed by the space-going veteran Planetary Resources, the ARKYD is a purpose-built space telescope that’s designed to observe space asteroids and for that purpose it has a large, main optic for capturing high-res images of objects in space. but that’s not all; what makes the ARKYD different from a regular space telescope is, it is fitted with an external display along with an arm-mounted camera that allows the control to take pictures of the ARKYD as it circles the Earth. Continue reading ARKYD: A Space Telescope for Everyone – Last Call

Eurocopter X3 Hybrid Helicopter breaks 300MPH

for all intents and purposes, helicopters are never designed for speed, but for hovering which allows them to perform what traditional fixed wing crafts can’t and go to places where other crafts can’t. as such they have been doing pretty damn well in areas such as transportation of crews to and from oil rigs and ships, ferrying casualties, as well as search and rescue operations. so it may seem that a helicopter don’t quite need to be fast, but that hasn’t stop Eurocopter from experimenting that possibility of breaking the helicopter speed barrier. the Eurocopter X3 Hybrid Helicopter, which we featured on two occasions (here and here), is the experimental aircraft that attempts to bring the best of fixed wing aircraft to a VTOL vehicle and the result, is nothing short of brilliant: this EC-155-based helicopter with wings (albeit stubby ones) and propellers recently topped 263 knots (303 MPH or 487 km/h), proving that helicopter – if you do it right – could be as fast and thereby expanding its applications. Continue reading Eurocopter X3 Hybrid Helicopter breaks 300MPH