Airobotics Raises $32.5 Million To Meet Growing Demands In Mining And Homeland Security Industries

Remember Airobotics? The futuristic automated industrial drone system designed to patrol your commercial perimeter autonomously? Well, these are guys are not only really, really serious about what they are doing, but they want to do even more. The Israel-based company has announced the completion of a whopping $32.5 million Round C funding, led by BlueRun […]

Airobotics’ Futuristic Automated Industrial Drone Can Keep Flying 24/7

So far, drones have been peddled as aerial imaging rigs for both filmmakers and hobbyists, but that is set to change with Airobotics Automated Industrial Drones. As the name suggests, Airobotics’ proposition is not merely a drone; it is an entire system that is designed to perform tasks like inspection, surveying and mapping, and security […]