Brikk Show Off New Luxe 2018 iPhone Ahead Of The Official Launch

You already knew there are going to have a few iPhone X coming along. Now, have a look at the the luxe up versions even before the real-deal are announced at the September 12 event. Yes, already! Not surprisingly, Brikk is the one way ahead of the game once again. The maestro of luxe makeover […]

Hadoro’s Luxurious Carbon Fiber AirPods Costs A Cool $760

There is no way you can’t stand out with the Apple AirPods (that’s in a bad way, btw), but even so, you may want a touch luxury or individualism which companies like Brikk and ColorWare will gladly provide. While ColorWare 150-ish custom color Apple earbuds is affordable, we can’t say the same for Brikk Lux […]

Logitech Now Has A Wireless Charging Stand Designed With Apple

Still in the market for a worthy wireless charging stand for your gorgeous Apple smartphones? Here’s one from Logitech, called POWERED iPhone Wireless Charging Stand, that may just be worthy of your consideration. Why? Because, Apple. The Swiss computer and mobile accessories maker has teamed up with the Cupertino tech giant to create this minimalistic […]

These Hands-on Videos Show You What 2018 iPhones Will Look Like

Just last week, we got a glimpse of what the new iPhones will look like by the way of the screen cover and today, there’s a couple of videos of someone having a hands-on with dummies of two of the purported new iPhones, the new iPhone X and the 6.1” variety that is said to […]

Here Are A Few Looks Of The 2018 iPhone X And iPhone SE 2

As the date draws closer to the announcement of the new Apple iPhones, the rumors and leaks begin to pile up. What you see here is one of those rumors. You may have already heard that Apple may be releasing not one, not two, but three iPhone models and among them, it is said that […]

You Can Boost Your MacBook Pro’s Graphics With This Blackmagic eGPU

Apple MacBook Pro series of laptops is capable and powerful. It is even more so now with the latest update, but however ‘powerful’ they may be, the graphics department is not up to par when compared to its desktop compatriots. Understanding that some users may need insane graphics, Apple and Blackmagic Design has come together […]

Apple Store Robbed In Front Of Shocked Customers And Employees

With the open concept and the lack of real security at Apple Stores, you knew this is coming sooner or later. We are talking about an Apple Store that recently got hitched by some very daring criminals. All it takes was 30 seconds and $27,000 worth of products were gone. The robbery happened on July […]

Apple MacBook Pro Gets Updated With Faster Processor And New Features

Apple has updated its MacBook Pro laptops, now boasting faster performance and new pro features, including Touch Bar (and of course, Touch ID), 8th-gen Intel Core processors – with 6-core available on the 15-inch model and quad-core for the 13-inch model, along with support for up to 32 GB RAM, True Tone Retina display and […]

You Can Now Own A Pair Of AirPods With Retro Macintosh Look

If you have been following this blog, you would have know how much I hated the Apple AirPods’ design. I certainly won’t part with $159 for it, let alone $399. Wait, what? There is a pair of AirPods that cost that much? As a matter of fact, there is and it certainly is a product […]

If You Own And Use An iPhone, You Are Probably A Rich Person

Can you tell if a person is well-to-do, i.e. rich, by the phone the person is using? Well, apparently you can, according to the economists at the University of Chicago. The college recently published a paper with the National Bureau of Economic Research, entitled Coming Apart? Cultural Distances in the United States over Time, on […]