Meta Quest 3, “World’s First Mass-Market Mixed Reality Headset”, Will Drop On October 10

I don’t see VR going mainstream, at least not in personal space like mobile phones and computers, or even gaming consoles do. We are far from Ready One Player. But that does not stop Meta (formerly Facebook) from continuing to push it.

Magic Leap 2 Next-Gen Augmented Reality Eyewear

Remember the somewhat steampunk-ish augmented reality goggles, Magic Leap? It is not only well and alive but it has matured into an enterprise AR device called Magic Leap 2. When the first gen device was announced, it felt like it was both a leisure and professional device. Its successor, however, it is not undecided. It …

Apple Vision Pro Augmented Reality Headset Is Coming Next Year For US$3,499

You heard it is coming and now it is official. We are talking about Apple’s very first augmented reality headset, officially called Apple Vision Pro (nice name, btw). Make no mistake. This ain’t no VR headset. This augmented reality headset is literally a computer that you wear on your head.

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