NightHawk Boasts Both Audio Quality and Luxurious Built to Complement Discerning, Mature Gamers

Traditionally, gaming headphones’ aesthetic leaves much to be desired. Not that they are ugly or anything, but as far as discerning gamers are concerned, they are often too gaming gear-like and the sonic reproduction aspect is often hardly anywhere near audiophile-grade. This is where established high-end audio company AudioQuest’s NightHawk Audiophile Gaming Headphones comes in. […]

AudioQuest DragonFly USB DAC

discerning music lovers will never settle for the second best but that rule will have to bend a little when they hit the road cos’ extracting the pure digital audio from the laptop without a less-than-portable Digital Audio Converter (DAC) is nearly impossible. when we says ‘portable’, we really mean portable like something…