Chanel Drops Designer Skateboard And Surfboard. Yes, Seriously

French fashion house Chanel better known for chic women fashion pieces and perfumes, has dropped two items which we never in the world expect to find in its collection. So what is that we are the items that surprised us? A skateboard and a surfboard. Yes, my friends, Chanel-branded skateboard and Chanel-branded surfboard are a […]

Chanel BOY.FRIEND Skeleton Watch Is Completely See-Through!

Timepieces that let you peek inside the watch inner workings are not new. It has been around for decades if not longer. While so, hardly any of them can be considered truly “see through.” That is until now. Folks, meet the Chanel BOY.FRIEND Skeleton Watch, a luxury timepiece boasting a new movement that is completely […]

Chanel Is Selling $2K Boomerang. Is Fashion Apocalypse Upon Us?

Seriously. Can someone point out what’s wrong with the creativity industry? In particular, the fashion design industry? Because I don’t get where the designers have gotten the creativity juice, or the lack thereof, from. First, consumers were hit up with clear knee jeans, followed by a pair of completely clear jeans. And oh, let’s not […]