Daft Punk Thomas Helmet

well, what do you know? the French synth-pop duo is back with a new album called Random Access Memories and its album cover art seems to serve as a reminder of the duo’s totally rad helmets (you know, the Lost In Space era kind of sci-fi-ish head gear?). they are practically icons of the French duo and we would imagine its hard for any Daft Punk

Mass Effect M-77 Paladin Pistol Replica

we are not sure how massive is the Mass Effect 3 game (who’s counting anyway?), but with around 3.08 million units sold, it must have quite a following and thus warrant a replica of the in-game weapon to be made and sold. the Mass Effect M-77 Paladin Pistol Replica joins the M-3 Predator Pistol Replica and the Geth Pulse Rifle Replica in the growing arsenal

Official Game of Thrones The Night’s Watch by Ulysse Nardin

obviously, the era where the Game of Thrones supposedly played out didn’t have wrist watch, but that hasn’t stop luxury watch maker Ulysse Nardin and HBO from collaborating on the Official Game of Thrones “The Night’s Watch” Watch. let see if we are getting it right here: so if the Night’s Watch were

Custom D-Tech Me Stormtrooper Action Figure

regardless of whether you are a huge Stormtrooper fan or not, we still think the Custom D-Tech Me Stormtrooper Action Figure is a super cool action figure to have. why? because it will be the Stormtrooper created in your likeness. unlike the Personalized Superhero Action Figures we seen last year, this elite

Doctor Who K-9 4-Port USB Hub

this robotic canine which appears on and off throughout the many years of Doctor Who won’t pop laser from its nose, or offer you a wealth of encyclopedia knowledge, but it does make an awesome laptop or desktop computer companion by providing an additional four USB ports. instead of bagging a replica toy or display, why

Officially Licensed Iron Man Mouse

nuts about Iron Man? then you probably have amassed a slew of its official merchandise, but we bet a wireless mouse isn’t one of them. well, fret not Iron Man-natics, now you can complete your metal-clad superhero altar with this Officially Licensed Iron Man Mouse served up by Japanese firm e-Blue, otherwise known as E-3LUE (don’t ask us why).

The Greatest Band Ever Print [Poster]

calling all rock music lover. open before us is a rare opportunity to vote for your all-time favorite band and see how they pit against other bands in a printed infographic poster for real. this is not a dream, well, it will be a dream if these dudes don’t get your support via the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. The Greatest Band Ever Print by

Mad Men Print by Needle Design [Poster]

Mad Men appeal may not as far reaching as mafia series like The Sopranos, or fantasy drama such as the Game of Thrones, but still the series is no less acclaim and certainly not any less awesome. in fact, we think the show is absolutely cool and so is this non official poster Mad Men Print by Needle Design.

Look/See x G.I. Joe Sunglasses

thanks the big screen version of the G.I Joe, this humble cartoon from the 80s managed to get a slight jolt of revival. though how many who have watched the movies actually become a fan of the original series is a mystery to us. in case you are one of those old school G.I. Joe fan or a convert because of the live action flicks, the Look/See x G.I. Joe Sunglasses

Game of Thrones The Iron Throne Life-size Replica

according to Torrent Freak’s Top10 List for 2012, Game of Thrones was last year’s most pirated US television series – a fact that’s hardly surprising considering that this fantasy action/drama based on George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series of fantasy novels wasn’t made available