Apple Mac Pro Announced, Trypophobics May Want To Look Away

If you thought the black trash bin-like Mac Pro was bad aesthetically, well, it is not because, Apple just upgraded the 2013 design to “it actually looks pretty good” level with the new, completely redesigned Mac Pro. As you may have already noticed, trypophobics may not be amused by the design. I am kind of […]

ASUS Takes RGB Lighting Too Seriously, Puts It On Backpack, Chair And More

If you think Razer is obsessed with Chroma, then perhaps you have not seen ASUS ROG products. ASUS ROG has put RGB in everything this CES 2019, including entry-level ROG Strix AIO cooler, ROG Zenith Extreme Alpha and Rampage VI Extreme Omega motherboards, and more. Those weren’t even the craziest product to sport RGB lighting […]

Here’s Razer First Gaming Monitor And It Is A Thing Of Beauty

Alright folks. If you are in market for a gaming monitor, or just any monitor, you may want to hold out for this baby, called Raptor, from Razer. Coming in at 27-inch, Razer’s first gaming monitor is described as an esports-ready display with fast response rates, HDR support, Razer Chroma integration (but of course!), and […]

LG To Debut Massive 49-inch UltraWide Computer Monitor At CES 2019

No. What you see here is not a two-monitor setup. Neither image stretched horizontally. It is one single UltraWide computer monitor from LG. Set to debut at CES 2019 are the 49-inch LG UltraWide Monitor (49WL95) and the 38-inch UltraGear Gaming Monitor (38GL950G) that offers an incredibly expansive aspect ratio of 32:9 and 21:9, respectively. […]

Samsung Unveiled 34″ Thunderbolt 3 Curved Monitor At IFA 2018

Who will say no to a beautiful computer monitor? I mean, after all, it is the very thing you stare at when working on a computer. If you are as concern about the aesthetic and features like myself do, then the Samsung CJ79 Curved Monitor is the go to computer monitor. Billed as the world’s […]

Philips’ New 43-inch 4K LED Monitor: Is It Still A Computer Monitor?

We hardly touched on computer monitor these days because, computer monitors are just computer monitors. There are not a lot to talk about unless it is a little on the insane side, like this Philips Momentum 43-inch 4K LED Monitor (436M6VBPAB). Yes. This thing is monstrous. It makes you wonder, is 43-inch still a computer […]

ASUS Bezel-free Kit Will Get Rid Of Vertical Bezels In A Multi-Display Setup

If you want an expansive view when gaming, you can either go for a huge wide screen display, or hook up multiple displays. The former has its limitation in terms of how wide it can go, while the latter is obviously wider, you will have to put up with interrupting vertical bezels that exist between […]

Samsung To Debut First Thunderbolt 3 QLED Curved Monitor At CES 2018

Samsung has a quite a bit to show at this year’s CES, which includes this particular monitor that caught our eyes. Designated CJ791, it is the first curved monitor to boast Intel’s Thunderbolt 3 connectivity. Its massive 34-inch display real estate is complemented by QHD resolution coming in at 3,440 x 1,440 pixels and boasts […]

Samsung Introduced Monster Width QLED Gaming Monitor At Gamescom

Gamers, forget about multi-monitor setup just to get the dream 170-ish field of view because Samsung has the one monitor that will have 178-degree viewing angle, both horizontally and vertically, covered. Meet Samsung CHG90 QLED Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitor, the current world’s largest OLED gaming monitor that stretches a whopping 49-inch diagonally. CHG90 offers an insane […]

AOC Computer Monitors Go Luxury With Studio F.A. Porsche Collab

AOC has teamed up with the legendary Studio F.A. Porsche to unveiled a couple of delightful computer monitors. The AOC Studio fa porscheAOC x Studio F.A. Porsche Monitor Series, as it is called, comprises of two models: a 24-inch AOC PDS241 and a 27-inch AOC PDS271. Each model boasts an near-frameless IPS panel, an ultra-slim […]