Philips’ New 43-inch 4K LED Monitor: Is It Still A Computer Monitor?

We hardly touched on computer monitor these days because, computer monitors are just computer monitors. There are not a lot to talk about unless it is a little on the insane side, like this Philips Momentum 43-inch 4K LED Monitor (436M6VBPAB). Yes. This thing is monstrous. It makes you wonder, is 43-inch still a computer […]

ASUS Bezel-free Kit Will Get Rid Of Vertical Bezels In A Multi-Display Setup

If you want an expansive view when gaming, you can either go for a huge wide screen display, or hook up multiple displays. The former has its limitation in terms of how wide it can go, while the latter is obviously wider, you will have to put up with interrupting vertical bezels that exist between […]

Samsung To Debut First Thunderbolt 3 QLED Curved Monitor At CES 2018

Samsung has a quite a bit to show at this year’s CES, which includes this particular monitor that caught our eyes. Designated CJ791, it is the first curved monitor to boast Intel’s Thunderbolt 3 connectivity. Its massive 34-inch display real estate is complemented by QHD resolution coming in at 3,440 x 1,440 pixels and boasts […]

Samsung Introduced Monster Width QLED Gaming Monitor At Gamescom

Gamers, forget about multi-monitor setup just to get the dream 170-ish field of view because Samsung has the one monitor that will have 178-degree viewing angle, both horizontally and vertically, covered. Meet Samsung CHG90 QLED Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitor, the current world’s largest OLED gaming monitor that stretches a whopping 49-inch diagonally. CHG90 offers an insane […]

AOC Computer Monitors Go Luxury With Studio F.A. Porsche Collab

AOC has teamed up with the legendary Studio F.A. Porsche to unveiled a couple of delightful computer monitors. The AOC Studio fa porscheAOC x Studio F.A. Porsche Monitor Series, as it is called, comprises of two models: a 24-inch AOC PDS241 and a 27-inch AOC PDS271. Each model boasts an near-frameless IPS panel, an ultra-slim […]

This Innovative Laptop Cover Adds Two Displays To Your Laptop

Before Razer’s concept monstrosity, a three-monitor laptop, becomes a reality, a Belgium company Slide N’ Joy wants every laptop, including MacBook, to sport a three-monitor setup with an innovative laptop cover called Le Slide, AKA Your Slide. With this laptop cover attached to your laptop, you can slide out two screens, one on either side, […]

Here Are Some Awesome Gadgets From ASUS Announced At Computex 2017

Taiwan is the home to Asia’s biggest computer show, Computex, and it is also ASUS home ground and so, naturally, the Taiwanese tech company has more than a couple of laptops to show off. An among the horde of laptop computers and gadgets unveiled, there are some that are out to beckon you to part […]

AOC Ultra Slim ‘Frameless’ 27” Display Introduced, Has Luxe Version Too

Who does not want a sleek-looking monitor? I would imagine most people would want if price isn’t an object. Having said that, if price is the stumbling block to you owning a beautiful display, AOC has just the computer monitor for you. The monitor in question is AOC 27-inch QHD Ultra Slim Frameless IPS Monitor […]

LG Out UltraFine Displays Designed Specifically For Apple’s New MacBooks

Not everyday you hear news of big competing corporations making products specifically for use with Apple’s products and so, when LG announced a couple of new displays designed specially for the new MacBook and MacBook Pro, it kind of raise some eyebrows. The displays, called UltraFine, come in two sizes: a 27-inch 5K model and […]

LG’s New UltraWide Monitor Is So Wide That You Probably Thought It Was A TV

If you view and edit multiple documents simultaneously, or need to put together enormous graphics or video, or simply constantly multitask, then I am sure LG’s new 38-inch UltraWide monitor, 38UC99, will come in pretty handy. As per the product name, this ginormous display offers 38-inch (diagonal, of course) provides an unprecedented real estate to […]