China’s Newest Maglev Train Prototype Is A 600 Km/h Speed Demon

The future of short-mid range travel is not by air. Elon Musk himself acknowledges this fact and even pitched the idea of Hyperloop system. China knew very well of this fact too which explains the country’s obsession with rail network with astounding speeds. The latest is this: a magnetic levitation (Maglev) train prototype unveiled by […]

This Is The World’s First Rail-less Train And We Think It Is A Brilliant Idea!

A train is defined as “a connected line of railroad cars with or without a locomotive” (ref: Merriam-Webster) and so, if a ’train’ that does not run on physical rail or track, does it qualify it as a train, or even as a tram? That is probably debatable. Anywho, that was the question I had […]