Jam Corp. Introduces New Mini Toy Cars Featuring Nissan GT-R And Evangelion Racing

If you haven’t already heard, Evangelion has its own motorsport team that has the Audi R8 LMS GT4 race car joining the team just last year. You can have a piece of it (the racing team), thanks to Japanese toymaker Jam Corp.’s new FUNBOO line of miniature toy cars.

Daiso Recalls Cut-Your-Finger Prank Knife Because Real Knife Mixed Up

Daiso is most famous as the “100 yen shop” that stocks an astonishing variety of products costing, you guess it, 100 yen. It has stores all over the world, selling anything from household products to fashion to novelty gag items like the Dokkiri Cutter, AKA Cut-Your-Finger Prank Knife you see here. What this cut-your-finger prank …