Soundcam Will Turn You Into A Superhuman That Sees Sound

Do you know that there are human beings who can see sound? So, it is absolutely nothing wrong to say “did you see that sound?” True story. While some folks actually see sounds as colors, chances are “these folks” are not you and me. But with the Soundcam Handheld Acoustic Camera, both you and I […]

Redlight Dash Cam That Alerts Phone-Using Drivers When Lights Turn Green Is A Very, Very BAD Idea

Lets set the record straight here: using your phone for any purpose when driving is never good. No one should be doing that, ever. Not even when you are at the traffic light. However, for some reasons, some folks think some people don’t care anyways, so they have came up with hardware and software solution […]

Hasselblad’s Newest Shooter Captures 400 MP, Cost As Much As A Porsche

How businesses convince us we need to buy their products? I know. One of the many ways is to make their products more attractive via impressive prints with mind-boggling resolution, and these businesses have companies like Hasselblad to thank. The high-end camera maker has yet again pushes the boundary of what is possible in terms […]

Top New Gadgets For Content Creators

Everyone can be a content creator today. Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, it is easy to advertise your work and attract a large audience. The same can be said for video sharing platforms such as YouTube. The tools you use to produce great content should never impose limitation to your creative […]

This Trendy Bracelet Is Actually A 13MP Camera That Also Records In 1080p

Even with capable cameras on our smartphone some folks do not take photos or video as much as we should. Perhaps, it was the normalization of this simple task that we find it to be a chore to do so – just like walking. If you felt the same way, then perhaps, Cleep could be […]

Sony Brings The Imaging Prowess of RX Series To Action Camera

Clearly, when it comes to action cam, Sony didn’t think today’s offerings, possibly even it’s very own, do not have what it takes to cut it. We are talking about cinematic level kind of sporting actions here. Not just GoPro kind of footage. To this, the Japanese electronic maker has bring about imaging prowess of […]

I’m Back Wants To Turn Your Old Film Cameras Into Digital Cameras

While Yashica is back in business with a camera with faux film, an Italy company wants to turn actual analog film cameras into digital cameras. The product called I’m Back, is an add-on device that goes into where the film would normally go into, thereby taking over the job of capturing images. Instead of film, […]

This 16-Lens Camera Aims To Do What Your DSLR Does In A Smaller Package

If you love to capture beautiful images when you are out exploring the world, then perhaps, smartphone isn’t the answer. The de facto go-to device for such endeavor would be a hefty-priced and clunky DSLR camera and this being 2017, the need to rely on a DSLR for high-quality images does seem a little backwards. […]

Apparently, Yashica Is Back With A Digital Camera That Uses Faux Film

You know how some old things are best left untouched? Unlike fashion, some gadgets are best left in its rightful era because somehow some old technology just doesn’t fit the demanding, fast pace society anymore. Case-in-point: the Y35 digiFilm Camera by Yashica. Yup. That Yashica, the once glorious camera maker to come out of the […]

FOMOcamera: Life-logging Has Never Been This Discreet And Customizable!

The life-logging camera fad is over. It didn’t last long, did it? But why? My best guess is, having a camera stuck on you isn’t half as fun, plus it probably make folks you come across uncomfortable knowing that you may be filming them. The solution? FOMOcamera. Billed as the most wearable and customizable camera, […]