ONE Is A New Breed Of 360 Camera Lets You “Shoot First, Point Later”

Remember Lytro? The ‘shoot first, focus and refocus later’ camera? Well, Insta360, the company that specializes in 360 imaging devices, has up the ante. Granted, Insta360 ONE can’t actually let you focus and refocus later, however, the camera’s “FreeCapture” technology” does allow you to shoot a 360 footage and decide on which part of video […]

This Finger-sized Camera Also Functions As A Sex Toy. Wait, What?!

So you think today’s action cameras are a little way too big? Well, if so, then you may be interested to know there’s a new kid on the block that, wait for it… no bigger than a grown person’s index finger. Impressive. Brought to you by Shenzhen-based unbox-lab, Cloud Eye Live Camera, as it is […]

This Add-on Camera Will Turn Your Smartphone Into A 360 Camera

Yes. It is true that your smartphone already have at least one camera, but can it do 360 imaging? Nope. Not at this point anyways and so, if you want 360 imaging right off one single device, i.e. your smartphone, the ION360 U 4K 360-Degree Smartphone Camera is for you. ION360 U 4K 360-Degree Smartphone […]

Ricoh Slashes Theta SC 360 Camera From $299 to $199

Here’s a quick one. You remember Ricoh Theta 360-degree Digital Camera from a few years ago? It was among the first 360 camera back then and since then, Ricoh hasn’t stop dabbling in. It was never cheap, though. In fact, it is kind of pricey. Anyways, Ricoh must have felt the heat of the competitions […]

Phase One IQ3 100MP Camera: Only If You Have An Eye For Black & White

When a company is known as professional camera maker, you’d know better not to be looking at their systems if you are an amateur photographer, or hell, even if you are a professional photographer who’s trying meet ends need. Phase One is one such company and if the Phase One Alpha A-series we featured two […]

Amazon Echo Look: Echo With Eyes To Take Pictures And Rate Your Outfits

When you find yourself wishing for an artificial intelligence to tell you how you look in a particular outfit, then I believe you are ahead of us in the future and the good news is, Amazon is with you. The online retailer giant’s new Echo Look is the device that will do exactly that. Amazon […]

Sony’s New Made-For-Pro Camera, the a9, Cost A Healthy $4,500

If you are just another photography enthusiast, you probably don’t need the new Sony a9 (ILCE-9) Full-frame Interchangeable Lens Camera. However, if you are pro photographer who make a living out of capturing beautiful images, then the a9 is what you want in your arsenal. Billed as the world’s first full-frame stacked CMOS sensor, this […]

How To Sell A $20K Camera: By Selling It With A $20K Drone

You must be wondering who in the world would do that? Well, apparently, Canon Japan is doing just that. But no, Canon Japan did not actually made the drone. According to a report, the drone is developed by a Japanese drone maker called ProDrone which Canon has invested back in 2016. ProDrone, if your recall, […]

Nikon Outs Special Models, Including Crystal Nikon Model I For 100th Years

Come July 25, it will be 100th years since the establishment of Nikon, then known as Nippon Kogaku K.K. That’s a freaking century old and naturally, Nikon wants to mark this centennial milestone and what better way then to roll out a bunch of 100th anniversary products? Well, that’s exactly what the Japanese camera maker […]

Polaroid Pop Shoots, Print In 3×4” Format, Print For Other Devices Too

Polaroid has a new instant digital camera and it is called Pop. So what’s makes Pop pops? First and obviously, it makes instant print, courtesy of an integrated printer that uses ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology and second, it prints in the iconic 3×4” format with the Polaroid Classic Border Logo, giving you the familiar […]