DJI’s New Mini Drone Is Tech-packed And It’s Controllable By Hands Too

This is Spark, DJI’s mini imaging drone that is, well, fun. It is small, sports a refreshing design, and it launches right from the palm of your hand. While small, Spark has all the DJI technologies you will find on regular drones like the Phantom, or perhaps, even more. It powers up simply by recognizing […]

How DJI Revolutionized Agricultural Industry With This Drone

Drone has certainly changed the world drastically. It changes the way we take aerial images (in the process, making to-hire helicopters and telescopic booms obsolete) and lets ordinary folks reach out to places previously unaccessible to do things like building inspection, disaster area observation and whatnot. To say that a drone changed the way we […]

Umbrella Drone Shelters, Because Nobody Likes Carrying An Umbrella

Drone is probably one of the greatest invention of our time. It has a variety of uses, including imaging, land surveying, building inspection, taking down errand drones, and tracking crooks. It can even be used in entertainment where it could potentially displace traditional fireworks. Now, you can add umbrella on the list too. Wait, what? […]

DJI Gives Phantom 4 An Oriental Makeover For Chinese New Year

If you recall, we made a post about Apple’s Chinese New Year (CNY in short) event. In it, Apple offered a handful of CNY-themed products, along with some products in CNY-appropriate colorways, namely, red and gold. Though it is worthy to note that Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival as it is commonly known in […]

DJI Announced Inspire 2 And Phantom 4 Pro Video Drones And We Want Both!

If Samsung is the juggernaut of the electronics industry, then we supposed DJI would be the equivalent in the drone industry. I am not kidding. The rate the outfit is rolling out drones is mind-boggling. Just this year alone, there are already three new drones and mind you, those are just what we have covered […]

For £20K, You Can Fly Gold With the DJI Phantom 4 Gold Edition

So, you don’t have the money to fly in gold, or rose gold for that matter? Well, fret not. We have good news for you. You do not need to be obscenely rich to fly in gold cos’ with the DJI Phantom 4 Gold Edition offered by UK-based drone seller, DronesDirect, you can fly gold […]

DJI’s New Foldable Drone Goes Beyond Imaging, It Is A Sport Drone Too

Wait. Is there a drone race going on? Cos’ just last week we saw GoPro’s first ever drone, today DJI is quick to introduce the company’s very own (and first) folding drone called DJI Mavic Pro and boy, is it super compact. When folded down, the 1.64 lbs (743g) DJI Mavic Pro is small enough […]

Hasselblad A5D Aerial Takes To The Sky With DJI M600 Aerial Imaging Drone

DJI and Hasselblad, arguably the two biggest names in their respective fields, has come to together to offer the first joint aerial photography package comprising of Hasselblad’s aerial medium-format camera, A5D and DJI’s professional flying platform, M600. This is the first joint product since DJI’s acquisition of a minority stake in Hasselblad Group, so it […]

DJI Introduces New Professional Imaging Drone With 13 lbs Payload

Unless you are a professional filmmaker who depend on cameras like those from Black Magic and RED, a DJI Phantom is a good enough aerial imaging drone. In case you are pro filmmaker, then ordinary drone is not going cut it in the payload department. This is where the DJI Matrice 600 imaging drone comes […]

New DJI Phantom 4 Will Fly Itself, Avoid Obstacles And Track Subject

I remember when I first started out with RC helicopter, the biggest hurdle was keeping the craft stable and trying not to knock into anything in process. Even the instruction manual specifically points out to avoid maneuvering the aircraft near living things or too small a space. That was then. Since then, things have changed […]