DJI’s New Foldable Drone Goes Beyond Imaging, It Is A Sport Drone Too

Wait. Is there a drone race going on? Cos’ just last week we saw GoPro’s first ever drone, today DJI is quick to introduce the company’s very own (and first) folding drone called DJI Mavic Pro and boy, is it super compact. When folded down, the 1.64 lbs (743g) DJI Mavic Pro is small enough […]

Hasselblad A5D Aerial Takes To The Sky With DJI M600 Aerial Imaging Drone

DJI and Hasselblad, arguably the two biggest names in their respective fields, has come to together to offer the first joint aerial photography package comprising of Hasselblad’s aerial medium-format camera, A5D and DJI’s professional flying platform, M600. This is the first joint product since DJI’s acquisition of a minority stake in Hasselblad Group, so it […]

DJI Introduces New Professional Imaging Drone With 13 lbs Payload

Unless you are a professional filmmaker who depend on cameras like those from Black Magic and RED, a DJI Phantom is a good enough aerial imaging drone. In case you are pro filmmaker, then ordinary drone is not going cut it in the payload department. This is where the DJI Matrice 600 imaging drone comes […]

New DJI Phantom 4 Will Fly Itself, Avoid Obstacles And Track Subject

I remember when I first started out with RC helicopter, the biggest hurdle was keeping the craft stable and trying not to knock into anything in process. Even the instruction manual specifically points out to avoid maneuvering the aircraft near living things or too small a space. That was then. Since then, things have changed […]

DJI Outs Phantom 3 Standard for Beginners and the Budget-Conscious

While DJI Phantom 3 Professional and Phantom 3 Advanced may be aerial imagers’ dream come true, their stickers can be quite a bank breaker and thus, keeping them out of reach from the budget-conscious and beginners alike. But that was then. Now, the drone maker wants to have those two groups covered too with its […]

This Parachute Will Slow Down the Speed of Descend of Your Drone in the Event of a Midair Malfunction

DJI have made a huge impact in the imaging drone industry and while it is known for flying imaging rigs, it also has a host of accessories to enhance the whole aerial videography experience. One of the little known accessories that was ’subtly’ introduced last year is the DJI Dropsafe drone parachute system. Though the […]

DJI Introduces Phantom 3, Comes Standard with Camera and Gimbal to Get You Started

If you are a first timer picking up the hobby of aerial imaging, then you would want to take to the sky as soon as possible and not fiddle with assembly and sourcing for a camera. If so, DJI latest Phantom iteration, the Phantom 3, is for you. Available in two flavors, denoted by Professional […]

DJI Inspire 1 Brings 4K Imaging to Aerial Imaging Drone for $2,899

Aerial imaging drones are in abundance. Today, you can easily find one that matches your budget, from cheap 50 bucks amateur flying rig with subpar camera to massive six or eight rotors heavy lifter with high-grade gimbal that cost tens of thousands of dollars, but somewhere in between the two spectrums is where you will […]

DJI Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopter

whether you are an aspiring movie maker or someone who just wanted a different perspective of your family outing photos, the DJI Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopter will be able to fill in the shoes and thanks to the influx of such camera-rigged quadcopter, the acquisition won’t leave you begging on the street.