Doppler Labs Launches Here One “In-ear Computer” Wireless Earbuds

Doppler Labs, the folks behind the high-tech safety earplugs DUBS Acoustic Filters, announced that its world’s first “in-ear computing platform,” the Here One, is now available for pre-order. This sleek pair of true wireless earbuds boasts the outfit’s proprietary smart listening and noise filtering technologies that ensures you get the most out of your music […]

Safety Earplugs Leap into the High-Tech Era with DUBS Acoustic Filters

i was in the safety sector briefly and during my short stint as a safety manager, i noticed the repulsion people have for earplugs. the main reasons being the earplugs are uncomfortable and they cut off too much noise, thus people tends to sway from wearing a pair. with Doppler Labs’ DUBS Acoustic Filters, things […]