Fairphone 4: Modular Design, Upgradeable, Repairable, And Now Fast Too

Remember Fairphone? The phone that promised to be sustainable through upgradeability, and repairability? Well, the Dutch company really lives up to its promise by releasing the 4th-gen device only two years after the last. Though sooner than it was between Fairphone 2 and Fairphone 3, it is still quite a long period by today’s standards.

Fairphone Outs 2nd Generation Socially Responsible Phone and it Now Touts Modularity

Remember the socially responsible phone that is made from conflict-free materials and by workers who are not underpaid and/or ill-treated? Well, the company behind it, the Netherlands-based phone maker, is back with a second generation Fairphone, aptly named, Fairphone 2. This latest iteration maintains the very ethos the company lives by and now promised more …

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