Fluance Has A New Handsome Portable Speaker That’s Not A Bank-breaker

If you are in the market for a portable wireless speaker from a reputable brand and not burning a major hole in the wallet, then you may want to check this new offering from Fluance: the Fi20 High Performance Portable Wireless 360 Degree Speaker. As the product name suggests, this handsome little guy is blessed […]

Fluance Gets Super Serious With Turntable With New Reference Series

Two years on since it first gotten onto the turntable bandwagon, Fluance is back with new reference high fidelity turntables that promised to “immerse audiophiles in a pure analog vinyl experience.” All told, there are four models in its newly launched Reference Series High Fidelity Turntables, and they are RT82, RT83, RT84 and RT85. Fluance […]

Flaunce Hits Up Kickstarter To Realize High-Fidelity Turntables

While the debate of whether records can ever be audiophile-grade continues, the fact remains that this evergreen, black grooved vinyl platter has outlived, outlast audio cassette, video cassette, 8-track tape, and even modern media storages like CDs and the ill-fated mini-disc. It’s quite feat for a 70-year-old invention, which kind of hint there’s some truth […]

Fluance High Fidelity Floorstanding Wireless Speaker With Unique Design

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, the portable speaker market flourishes. Oddly, not many non-portable speaker systems leverage on this wonderful wireless audio streaming technology, much less one that’s packs a serious punch (think flooring standing speaker). Thankfully, Fluance, an outfit formed by self-described “engineers of serious performance,” is not ignoring this void. They have created a […]

Fluance Outs Powerful Floorstanding Speakers That Touts Hi-Fi Sound and Concert-like Bass

When it comes to speaker systems, if you believe size matters, then we are guessing you won’t settle for anything less than floorstanding speakers. To certain extend, the size argument holds true. I mean, a bigger cabinet allows for better acoustic – that’s kind of no brainer, and not to mention, the volume to pack […]

Fluance Fi50 2-Way High Performance Bluetooth Speaker

Just not too long ago, calling wireless speaker as ‘audiophile-grade’ is unthinkable. But thanks to advancement in Bluetooth technology, it is now possible to have ‘audiophile-grade’ wireless music, although purists may beg to differ. Anyways, that’s already past; we are just here to tell you about Fluance Fi50 2-Way High Performance Bluetooth Speaker which may […]