Zapata Racing’s Flyboard Air Made The Farthest Flight By Hoverboard

Former Jet ski racer Frank Zapata’s Zapata Racing has come a long way. Since opening its doors for business with water-powered Flyboard and subsequently, the water-powered hoverboard, it has never stop innovating. The France outfit’s latest creation Flyboard Air, a product of 4 years of gruelling research and development, is a testimony of the firm’s […]

Zapata Racing Made Hoverboard A Reality, Well, Almost

no. we are not trying to grab your attention with this Upworthy-style post title. it is true that Zapata Racing has devised a Hoverboard because, well, they say so themselves and Hoverboard is in fact its product name. but we are not going to kid ourselves; self-sustaining and unguided levitation won’t be a reality anytime […]