Zapata Racing Hoverboard

no. we are not trying to grab your attention with this Upworthy-style post title. it is true that Zapata Racing has devised a Hoverboard because, well, they say so themselves and Hoverboard is in fact its product name. but we are not going to kid ourselves; self-sustaining and unguided levitation won’t be a reality anytime soon. however, this latest big boy toy from the same firm that brought you the Iron Man-style waterjet-powered boots actually does more and at the same, a little less than the girlishly decorated sci-fi hoverboard and we can bet our ridiculous income from this struggling blog that Zapata’s Hoverboard is not a hoax either. using the same principle as the company’s Flyboard, which happens to share the same principle as Jetlev Flyer and Jetovator, but this time round, Zapata takes the waterjet system and slapped it on a surfboard.

the thrust is provided by a lone nozzle under the board and pointing backwards, thus allowing the rider freedom to maneuver it in the air and even dive beneath the water. basically, it can do stunts – even 360 flips. pretty impressive. the only downside is, like the many others, it has to be tethered to a speedboat or a jet ski that will provide it with the forced water it needed for the graceful maneuvers. we pity the jet ski operator though cos’ at some point, your stunts are going to push those water into him. as always, there is a hefty price in exchange for such in the air experience, which you are looking at around $6,000. jet ski or speedboat is, naturally, not included.

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via Engadget