smartphones are getting larger and to think that you need to lug around an external battery pack, however small it is, to support your heavy usage can be quite a turn off. until the day battery can be infinitely lasting (we will keep dreaming), we have to think of ways to minimize our gadget burden and the Vorbeck Flexible Battery Straps is one of the many emerging solution. Vorbeck has developed and integrated a 7,200 mAh lithium-ion battery pack into a shoulder strap suitable for most messenger bags. weighing under one pound, it offers two USB ports (1x 1A and 1x 2A outputs) and one micro USB port for juicing your USB-powered portable gadgets on the go without weighing you down or taking up valuable real estate in your bag. the strap functions just like any shoulder strap, maintaining the same flexibility expected of any bag straps.

it is water resistance and rug to take up the beatings from everyday use. the strap is totally capable of sustaining drop from over 100 feet and remains unscathed even when ran over by an automobile. according to Vorbeck, when fully charged, the integrated battery is capable of providing up to 50 hours of additional talk or surf time, or keep your smartphone fully juice for up to 5 times. additional features include airmesh padding provides soft and breathable cushion, charge indicator lights, and it comes complete with an elastic phone pocket that could swallow up phone as big as the Galaxy Note. there is also a card pocket too for your identification or whatever cards you may have. and best of all, it is made in the good’ol U.S. of A. pricing has yet to be released, but watch out for it this Fall.

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