New Alienware Area-51m Is A Beast Of Gaming Laptop With Full PC CPU

I am getting dizzy reading the overview of one of Alienware’s latest gaming laptops, the new Alienware Area-51m. As post title says, it is really “a beast of gaming laptop” because, this beauty here boasts an upgradeable, overclockable FULL DESKTOP 9th-generation Intel Core processors (mind you, ain’t no laptop processor here) and NVIDIA GPUs, plus […]

Razer Laptop And Peripherals Gets Quartz Pink Treatment For V Day

In a very un-Razer move, the gaming lifestyle company has again gave some of the brand’s gaming peripherals and the Razer Blade Stealth Ultraportable Laptop the Quartz Pink treatment for this Valentines’ Day. First there is the Quartz Pink edition the new Razer Blade Stealth ultraportable laptop, complete with a subtle tone-on-tone Razer logo.

Here’s The Updated Razer Blade 15 And Other Razer Gizmos And News

Razer is like the Apple of all-thing-gaming. We cannot afford all, but we love talking about it and so, here’s a list of stuff and news that the gaming lifestyle company has dropped since late December running up to CES 2019. Back on December 19, 2018, Razer officially launched the world’s first wireless keyboard and […]

ASUS’ Very Hefty Mothership Gaming Laptop Is More Like An All-In-One PC

CES has always been a playground for ASUS and this year’s event of the year was no exception. The Taiwanese computer maker has announced a ton of stuff, but really, there was only one that caught our attention because of how ridiculous it is. We are talking about the ASUS ROG Mothership GZ700 Gaming Laptop. […]

Razer’s New Ultraportable Is A Near-Bezel-less, Gorgeous Gaming Laptop

If you love gaming on laptop, but loathe bezel, well, then you may want to check out Razer’s latest gaming laptop, Razer Blade Stealth. Continuing Razer’s square off design language, this ultraportable gaming laptop boasts a new “individually calibrated” micro edge thin-bezel displays that measures no thicker than 4.9 mm on each side, offering “visually […]

Xiaomi’s Latest Gaming Laptop With ‘Flagship’ Specs Costs Under $1K

If the high price tags of today’s gaming laptop have been a roadblock to you owning one, you may want to take a look at the Xiaomi 8th Generation Gaming Laptop. Described as the an “e-sports performance monster,” the beauty of this mobile gaming beast from the China’s electronics giant is beyond skin deep. Under […]

Razer Updates Blade Stealth With Larger Display And Gunmetal Option

The Razer Blade Stealth introduced last year, the late 2016 model with a 12.5-inch IGZO multitouch display has gotten an update. It is now larger, at 13.3-inch boasting an eye-watering QHD+ display with 3,200 x 1,800 pixels. Still as thin as ever, measuring a mere 0.52 inches (13 mm) and tipping the scale at 2.93 […]

Acer Enters Thin Form Gaming Laptop Market With Predator Triton 700

For the longest time, Razer Blade gaming laptops stood unchallenged for their game prowess in an astounding thin form factor. But not anymore. Acer, the name that’s also no stranger in the gaming arena, has took up the challenge to make a thin form factor gaming laptop called Predator Triton 700. While the 18 mm […]

The New Razer Blade Pro Is The World’s First THX Certified Gaming Laptop

If for some reason, you think that the visual and audio of a laptop has to conform to some sort of standard, then Razer has a piece of good news for you. The gaming gear specialist’s latest laptop, the new Razer Blade Pro is world’s first gaming laptop to be THX Certified. Don’t ask me […]

Crazy Concept Gaming Laptop From Razer Packs Three 4K Monitors!

So you think a curved display laptop is crazy? Well, it is, but that’s until Razer’s bold and pretty much classified as mental multi-monitor laptop comes along. Code name Project Valarie, this ambitious multi-monitor gaming laptop promised a whole new level of immersion even when you are on the road and yes, you heard that […]