USS Enterprise Christmas Tree Topper Is A Huge Tree Topper With Lights And Sound

Do you like Star Trek. Do you really, really, really like Star Trek? If so, be prepared to bust your wallet for this impressive Christmas tree topper: Hallmark Keepsake Star Trek USS Enterprise Christmas Topper. This thing is humongous. It measures 6.59 x 9.89 x 15 inches (17 x 25 x 38 cm) and weighs […]

Who Would Have Thought A Fallen AT-AT Makes For A Cool Tape Dispenser?

Who would have thought the Empire’s AT-AT could be so cool as a desk tidy? We never knew AT-AT’s wide and varied applications – even when it has fallen, it turned out to be a super dope tape dispenser too. The Star Wars AT-AT Tape Dispenser is not articulated, though. It is made of resin […]