Quarter Century Watch: Quality Watch That Cost Just $100 Or Less

Looking for classy timepiece that function and looks good on your wrist, and not cost an arm or a leg? Well, the Havok Quarter Century Watch is one such timepiece. Instead of thousands of dollars for features like surgical-grade stainless steel case, Swiss Ronda movement, dust resistant build, sapphire crystal and full-grain leather strap, Quarter […]

Vintage Racer-inspired Chronograph Watch That You Can Own Without Trading In Your Organs

Automotive-inspired timepieces, some endorsed by racing outfits, aren’t cheap, but such wrist watches do make a huge statement about your love for automobiles and the adrenalin rush that comes standard with motorsport. The option is clear: forego an arm or a leg, or maybe even both (figuratively speaking, that is), to own one, or you […]