Guess What? Snakes Have A Job Too. They Are Working As Masseurs In NY

If you love massage – any type of massage and are not squeamish when it comes to snake, then Wholeness Center New York has just the type of massage for you. This wellness center is now providing a new kind of massage and the masseurs are the cold-blooded, slithering serpent that so many mortals fear. […]

SuperStraps Is A Backpack Add-on That Will Literally Save Your Neck

If you are a backpack user who actually have something in your backpack, you could be walking around with a bowling ball on your neck every time you tilt your head forward for even by just 15 degrees. This comes as a revelation to me even though it is obvious that I know that a […]

Foods That Can Boost Your Brain Power For Easier Learning

If you want to increase your capacity to learn faster and easier, there are many different foods that can help. It is important for everyone to have a nutritious diet, but some foods are better than others when it comes to boosting your brain power. The more you learn about these foods, the easier it […]

Meet Somnox, The World’s First Sleep Robot That Wants You To Hug To Sleep

We have robots for almost everything. We have robots to check stocks on shelves, hilarious robot that feeds you soup, robot you can pet like a cat, robot that dry and iron your clothes – just to name a few. And now, you can add sleep robot to the growing list. Meet Somnox, the world’s […]

Bodyfriend Wants Superheroes And Lamborghini To Massage Your Back

If massage chairs have never pique your interest because of the (boring) stereotype designs, then perhaps Bodyfriend may be able to change your mind. Not only has Bodyfriend shake up the traditional market of massage with its innovative designs, but its bold ambitious to capture the two of the world’s biggest markets, the U.S.A. and […]

Take A Photo And Sony Mobile’s New Service Will Analyze Your Food

You know what they say… “you are what you eat” and so, if you workout like there’s no tomorrow, it won’t help if what you chomp down ain’t good for you, i.e. your healthy lifestyle may not be as efficient then it should be. Seriously, there’s really no point in taking two steps forward and […]

This Handsome Gadget Will Let In On The Air Quality Wherever You Go

There are gadgets that have straightforward practical uses and then there are gadgets that are just informative to which sometimes, you will find yourself stumped as to what can you do about the information you just got. Well, the Flow Smart Air Quality Tracker by Plume Labs belongs to the latter. Unlike weather forecast gadgets, […]

Mindset Headphones Goes Beyond Playing Music, Helps You To Focus Too

If you really think about it, consumer audio headphones hasn’t really change a lot since its invention. Sure, we have goodness of noise cancellation, better drivers and so on, but the concept remain pretty much the same and its use is, well, the same, and that’s to feed audio to our soundholes. However, there’s one […]

IT In Healthcare: Staging A Better Future (With Infographic)

We’ve seen a lot of technological advancements in recent years. Our previous article about the Amazon Echo showed just how far we’ve come when it comes to smarter technology. The same advancements are happening in the healthcare industry too, with new tech such as EHRs (Electronic Health Records) and digital medical imaging allowing doctors and […]

The World’s First Smart Hairbrush Tells You What’s Going With Your Hair

The mere act of brushing your hair does nothing but, well, brushes and possibly, make your lock looks a lot better than just-woke-up condition. Unless you visit a trichologist, you won’t know your mane’s well-being (yes, we said ‘well-being’), but what if, you can know your hair more intimately simply through your daily brushing routine? […]