The First Real Hoverboard is Getting an Improved and Streamlined Version

When Hendo Hoverboard was first introduced, the world was rousing with excitement, but its design leaves much to be desired. It was nothing like what Back to the Future II depicted. I hate to benchmark against a fantasy product, but that’s how we like our hoverboards to be, or at least a little more befitting […]

Lo and Behold! Hoverboard is Real and You Can Actually Buy One Today

when Marty McFly rode a Mattel hoverboard 25 years ago. sci-fi fans all around were awestruck and some wondered if flying cars, self-drying jacket, and hoverboards awaits them in the future, or more specifically in 2015. unfortunately, while that “future” is drawing close, the tech is not anywhere close to what moviemaker Robert Zemeckis had […]