Lyric Speaker Displays Song’s Lyrics Expressively On Its 22” Clear Display

If you often find yourself pausing a song before it begins for the purpose of searching the lyrics online so you could sing along or learn the words, well then, a Japanese audio company has good news for you. COTODAMA has invented a new kind of audio speaker that not only immerse you with engineered […]

Bang & Olufsen’s Alien-like Speaker Packs 18 Drivers Capable of Unloading 8,200 Watts of Audio Bliss

Looking straight out of the alien’s den, the Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 90 is a show of the Danish audio equipment maker’s audio and design prowess. Sporting a 360-degree design crafted with 65 kg (143 lbs) worth of aluminum, each unit boasts an insane 18 state-of-the-art Scan-Speak loudspeaker drivers (7 tweeters, 7 mid-range drivers and […]

Would You Drop $1,200 for this Sony High-Resolution Digital Music Player?

We know how far hardcore audio enthusiasts would go for the best possible sonic, but would anyone actually drop $1,200 (or $1,199.99 to be exact) for a hi-res MP3 player? Well, in case you do, you’d be glad that you have another option to what Astell&Kern has to offer and that’s the Sony Walkman NW-ZX2 […]

Meet The World’s First Speaker In The Shape Of A Violin. Yes. We Said Violin.

Can’t get enough of conversational gadgets? Well, here’s one from Juno Audio, called Viotone M One, that is bound to set conversation in motion. From the product name, you can’t really tell, but the Viotone M One is a neat convergence of a luxurious speaker and a piece of art. Like an actual violin, the […]

Kennerton Magister High-end Headphones Has Earcups Made Out of 2,000 Year Old Wood

In case you’re wondering who the heck Kennerton Audio is, the answer is right on their website: Kennerton is a luxury brand of Fischer Audio with a single mission – to bring you high-end quality sound and the Kennerton Magister you see here is one that stands out with extremely classy styling, partly attributed by […]

McIntosh’s First Headphones, MHP1000, Available Now for $2,000

McIntosh Labs is an extremely revered brand in audio excellence, but oddly enough, in the sixty and half decades in the high-fidelity audio business, the New York-based company never had a pair of headphones in its portfolio. Well, that’s has changed when it first announced the intention to take on the headphone market, starting with […]

Bang & Olufsen’s First Bluetooth Speaker Has Drivers On Both Sides, Packs Massive 180W

High-end audio companies have been sidestepping from Bluetooth streaming technology, but thanks to the promised of near CD-quality wireless streaming from the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology with aptX, we’re seeing mainstream premium audio maker Bower & Wilkins taking the plunge with the T7 and just days after, Bang & Olufsen also dishes out its own […]

Fiio Puts Portable High-Res Audio in Your Pocket for Under 100 Bucks

High Resolution Lossless Audio is like CD music when it first hits the market. it is pricey, or at least the player is pricey. but that’s about to change with the Fiio X1 Portable High Resolution Lossless Music Player that promised studio-grade sound for under 100 bucks. that’s cheaper than the current lineup of iPod […]

Astell&Kern AK240 MQS Portable Player

for the select few audiophiles who have inexplicably demanding sound holes, Astell&Kern has just the portable media player for you. meet the uber high-end, pocket-sized media player AK240 MQS Portable Player. we do not know exactly how much this ultimate opulence in music enjoyment will cost you, but the last we have seen from A&K, the AK120

Jarre AeroSkull HD Bluetooth Sound Dock

seriously. with the popularity of wireless streaming, we hardly think there is a need for sound dock anymore. however, if the sound dock is of something out of the ordinary, such as this Jarre AeroSkull HD Bluetooth Sound Dock, then it might be worthy of a consideration. no?