Honda e Electric Vehicle Opens For Reservation In The U.K.

Honda’s super adorable and somewhat retro-ish electric vehicle, Honda e, is now available for reservation in the U.K. Honda U.K. has quietly launched a reservation website where folks in U.K. can reserve the Honda e by registering themselves on the website and putting down a £800 refundable deposit. However, the exact availability and how much […]

Honda Australia Celebrates 50 Years With A Line Of Gold Products

50th anniversary is also refer to as Golden anniversary, and thus, to mark its 50 years since it officially stepped into Australia in February 4, 1969, Honda Australia has spruced up some of its representative products with gold body work. Calling it Honda Australia ‘golden era of performance’ lineup, the products include a NSX hybrid […]

Mini Hoonigan Truck Is Adorable And Bad-ass All At The Same Time

Just when we thought Ken Block’s 900+ HP Hoonitruck is just about as cool as a truck, or truck for that matter, can get, a miniature version of the super truck surfaced and boy, am I salivating all over it. Dang it. My keyboard! What you see here is a Mini Hoonigan Truck. As the […]

This Incredible Invention Will Turn A 2WD Car Into An AWD Hybrid Car

Love the idea of hybrid vehicles, but disappointed that your favorite ride does not have that option? Fret not my friends because, there is the Orbis Ring-Driven Wheel. Not only will this revolutionary add-on electric drive will turn your gas guzzler into a hybrid, it will turn it into an all-wheel drive automobile. I know. […]

Watch The World’s Fastest Lawn Mower Does The Goodwood Hillclimb

Prior to challenging the current record holder of the world’s fastest lawn mower held by Norwegian Per-Kristian Laundefaret in a modified Viking T6 mower, Honda has brought its 2018 Honda Mean Mower V2 to Goodwood to showoff what it got. Thanks to the good folks over at Goodwood Road & Racing and the existence of […]

This Is Honda UK’s Contender For An Even Faster Lawn Mower…

Yes. You heard that right. There’s a race for the faster lawn mower. OK. Maybe not, but it is true that Honda UK seems to have a thing for the need for speed… on the lawn. You probably don’t need to make 0-60 in 4 seconds when trimming the lawn, but if you do feel […]

Sadly, This Wooden Honda Motocompo Is Not A Real Scooter

When I first laid eyes on the Lasercompo, I was completely smitten. I was thinking, “damn, this all-wood bike is crazy awesome. Is it even real?” Well, alas, it isn’t. I mean. It is real, but only as a scale model kit or 1/6th scale, to be precise. Bugger. At least it isn’t a concept. […]

Honda Civic Type R BTCC Is How A Civic Type R Should Look Like

Remember I ranted how bad looking the 10th generation Honda Civic was when it was unveiled? To our dismay, the Type R, with the aeros and all, isn’t any better. It was a tad better at best. Well, it looks like not all hopes are lost. As it turns out, it CAN be saved and […]

K-Speed’s Custom Super Power Cub Is What 2018 Honda Super Cub Should Be

We saw the 2018 Honda Super Cub. TBH, we are hardly impressed, but this one here, a custom by K-Speed, is a whole new ball game. It made us wish the 2018 Honda Super Cub launched recently in Thailand did actually looked like this. I mean, seriously, Honda should be looking to K-Speed to design […]

Honda’s Iconic Cub EZ 90 Got Upsized In This Modern Homage Example

What you see here is scooter that is not quite a scooter. Underneath the custom body that (almost) completely concealed the innards is Honda’s quirky X-ADV, an “adventure scooter” (but not really quite). Yep. It is in fact a XXL size of the cult-classic from the 1990s, the Honda Cub EZ 90. From Italy custom […]