Everyone Is Making A Hoverbike, But Hoversurf Is Ready To Sell You One

After revealing its Hoverbike to the world last year, Hoversurf’s flying motorbike was quickly inducted into Dubai Police Department. Fast forward to today, the company is taking pre-orders for what it called Hoverbike S3 2019 Limited Edition in the U.S. And the asking price? A grand $150,000 net. For that princely sum, you will get […]

Hoversurf’s Hoverbike Gets Inducted Into Dubai Police Department

In a short few months since the revealing of the real-life functional hoverbike, Hoversurf has apparently secured a deal to provide Dubai Police Department with the company’s low altitude flying machines for cop duties. However, don’t expect the Hoversurf to do pursuit duties though. It obviously won’t cut it in several departments. This ain’t no […]

Real Hoverbike Is A Good Reason Why You Should Keep Your Weight In Check

Just a few days ago, we excitedly posted about the BMW Motorrad and LEGO real-life replica of the Hover Ride. However, our excitement was short-lived because, while it is real, it is completely non-functional, but the Scorpion 3 you see here is different. It is a real-deal, flying motorcycle worthy of the term hoverbike. Unfortunately, […]