Virgin Hyperloop Made First Passengers Test, Marks The Dawn Of A New Era In Mass Transportation System

Three years after investing in Hyperloop One, Virgin Hyperloop made history when it pulled off the first passengers test. It was a big deal because, for the uninitiated, the concept of Hyperloop is a train (called ‘pod’) moving through a sealed vacuum tube.

Virgin Invests In Hyperloop One, Rebrand It As Virgin Hyperloop One

Richard Branson’s Virgin may have shrunk in the air travel industry, but it has never stop looking to new ways of moving people. While busy preparing to take folks to space (among the many other things), Virgin Group has found time to check out the what-could-be the next generation of mass transportation system: Hyperloop. On […]

Hyperloop One Vehicle Levitates In Full-scale Test, Made Major Milestone

Hyperloop One has made another major milestone since the first propulsion open-air test. The Hyperloop One test vehicle, or more correctly, a sled, hurled down the near-vacuum test track and levitated by the virtue of magnetic levitation for a good 3 seconds before coming to a halt on its own. The first full scale system […]

Hyperloop One Zips From 0-110 mph in 1.1 Seconds In Its First Open-air Test

Today’s biggest newest of May 11 was probably the Hyperloop One first Propulsion Open-air Test (or POAT). The test, as the name suggests, is to reaffirm the company’s custom high-tech propulsion of the future tubed transportation system. The event was held in the desert, some 35 miles north of Las Vegas in Nevada and it […]