Safe Spacer Is A Wearable Social Distancing Monitor/Alarm For Workplaces And Public Spaces

Life, moving forward, would revolve around wearing face mask and social distancing. The latter is the hardest, but not if Italian company IKR Multimedia can help it. The music creation hardware and software maker has created a wearable device that will ensure safe distancing is maintained.

iRing Motion Controller For Music Apps

electronic or synthesizer music is synonymous with future (just think Daft Punk and Tron and you will get the idea) and therefore, it is only fitting for DJs to spin those meth-induced tunes by gesture control. while traditional DJ gears won’t let you do that, some iOS music apps can – with the aid of

iLoud Portable Studio Monitor

billed as the first portable speaker for musicians, the iLoud Portable Studio Monitor is a go everywhere studio monitor that allows musicians to create “high-quality compositions and accurate mixes on the go.” with 40 watts of sonic power on the tap, the iLoud is up to three times louder than its competition of similar size and yet, it still fits comfortably into most