Indian Motorcycle Brings Automobile Infotainment To Motocycles

Riding a two-wheeler can get rather lonely and to make things worst, you won’t get the luxury of information like automobiles do, not at least without stopping. Well, those are non-issues if you ride a 2017 Indian Motorcycle that come equipped with Ride Command Infotainment System as standard. Sticking a infotainment display on a bike […]

Pioneer NEX CarPlay In-Dash Head Units

when Apple CarPlay was announced, fans have mixed reactions. on one hand, they rejoice at the availability of the familiar OS adapted for in-car infotainment and on the other, it appears that such luxury will only be accessible if you buy a spanking new ride. and to add insult to injury – not every damn cars will…

Parrot ASTEROID Tablet

is your tablet really car-friendly? we supposed it does serve its purpose when onboard your ride but do you really need a mini TV hanging around the front of your car? perhaps not. with the Parrot ASTEROID Tablet, you can now actually own a car-focused tablet that is also your in-car multimedia system. just think of it as a portable double-DIN system