AI Cameras That Spots Potential Shoplifters: Pre-Crime Unit Is Real?

Can a human spot potential shoplifters before the deed is done? Possibly. If given enough training and experience, a person may be able to pick out those who intend to pay for the products and those who don’t. But lets be honest, other than big retail stores, no other retail stores will dedicate staff just […]

Hyundai Wants You To Unlock, Start And Drive Its Cars With A Smartphone

First, you can access your home with a smartphone and soon, you will be able to do the same with a car. Well, at least, you should be able to with the next-generation 2020 Hyundai Sonata which will make its U.S. debut at the New York International Auto Show, happening from April 19-29, 2019. Hyundai […]

This Fisheye Lens Is So Freaking Wide That It Can See Behind Itself

This is a fisheye lens built by founder of Lensrentals, Roger Cicala. It is not just any fisheye lens. It is a hyper fisheye lens. Why hyper? Because it is so freaking wide that it can see behind itself. Well, that kind of make it a 360 camera, doesn’t it? That said, can you still […]

France Security Firm’s Anti-Drone Gun Looks A Thing From Sci-Fi Series

We have featured quite a few anti-drone measures which are mostly weapons of sort, including a gleeful and not-so-serious anti-drone shotgun, as well as a home drone detection system. As far as gun-like weapons go, there are handful, but honestly speaking, nothing works look cool. I know. It don’t need to (look cool), but it […]

This Edible “Second Skin” Extends Fruits And Vegetables Shelf Life

Thanks to Mother Nature’s doing and human’s propensity to waste, many perishable fruits and vegetables have gone to waste. Part of the ‘gone to waste’ is often the result of nature’s doing and it doesn’t help that we, humans, just have to have more which we sometimes can’t finish. Fruits and vegetables start to turn […]

Tesla “Dog Mode” Keeps Dog(s) Safe And Cool When You Step Out Of The Car

Dog owners intentionally leaving their pet dog(s) locked in the automobile is not uncommon. While the risk here is obvious, it never seem to deter drivers from doing so, but there won’t be any risk if the pet owner happen to drive a Tesla. Tesla Motors has taken to Twitter to announce a new “Dog […]

Experimental 3D Printing Method Makes Object Appears In An Instant!

3D printing is a technological advancement one once dreamed of by mankind and one part of sci-fi fantasy like in the Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy. As 3D printing becomes a norm, we realize it was the future but not the future because, awful amount of time had to be spent printing a product. Then,  […]

Boeing Autonomous Passenger Air Vehicle Made First Flight

Bell Helicopter is doing it. Airbus and Audi is doing it too and so is Rolls-Royce. We are talking about autonomous air vehicle, or air taxi. While those aerospace giants are working on it, Boeing has revealed that on January 22, 2019, it has made the first flight with its own take called Boeing Autonomous […]

Meanwhile In North Korea, The Country’s Has Announced A New Line Of Shirts That’s Edible

Today I found out that there’s at least one western national who has studied and graduated from North Korean’s Kim II Sung University. It is pretty mind-blowing to think anyone would chose to study and got accepted into the dictator-controlled country’s university. At the same time, I also learned that there is actually fashion in […]

Meet The World’s Largest 3D-printed Concrete Bridge Without Rebars

OK. It is more like the world’s longest 3D-printed pedestrian bridge, but anyways, I think you get the idea how it is groundbreaking monument in bridge construction. The bridge you see here is located at Wisdom Bay Industrial Park, Baoshan District, Shanghai, China, and it was the fruit of labor of Professor Weiguo Xu of […]